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About this blog

A place to share your story. Thank you for all that you do to care for patients and keep our communities healthy. Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated. We are grateful for the compassion and expertise that you bring to your profession every day.

Entries in this blog

Medhn's Journey: From CNA to Nurse

Medhn's journey into healthcare started long before she became a nurse in 2014. As a child, she had a dream of becoming a doctor and helping children. However, life took her on a different path. She moved to the United States and worked as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for 5-6 years before deciding to pursue nursing. For Medhn, nursing is not just a job, it's a calling. She finds it rewarding and relaxing, and it's something she can't stay away from. She worked in psychiatric nursing

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Fitzgerald, RN, BSN, has been a nurse for six years, and during that time, she has worked in various departments, including labor and delivery, nursery, postpartum, and pediatric units. Stephanie has always been drawn to the fast-paced nature of emergency rooms, and she has also worked at a mental health hospital for veterans and active-duty personnel.   Stephanie's passion for nursing developed early in life. Her mother is also a nurse, and Stephanie knew she wanted to pursu
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