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    1. Clinician App Updates

      1. May 18, 2022 | New Essential Credentials

        Upload the most important credentials that facilities are looking for in clinicians they hire.

        On your profile, you’ll see a new section called Essential Credentials. These are the credentials that facilities are looking for, so making sure that you have these on your profile will help you stand out and increase your chances of being selected for a shift.

        You’ll also see State Essentials to help confirm that you have provided all proof that you can work in your state. If you work in multiple states, just tap the “+” then “I also work in another state,” so you can ensure you have everything you need for every state where you fill shifts.

        New CP Phase 1 release 1.35.gif

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      2. May 18, 2022 | Updated Job Details View

        Easily see how you align to desired credentials for a shift.

        When you view a shift that you’re interested in, you’ll see clearly laid out how your credentials align with the credentials the facility is looking for – blue check means you’ve uploaded the credentials, grayed out means it’s missing.

        If you’re missing any that you can provide, you can add them right from that screen by clicking on the “+” by the credential. 

        Request view - clinicians.png

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      3. April 27, 2022 Clinicians - Shift Stickers & Shift Sticker Filter

        A new way to see descriptions about a shift.

        Introducing Shift Stickers! In the past, information that describes what you may encounter on a shift was listed with Specialities, such as if you’d be working with COVID patience or if it’s a Float Shift. That information is now designated by a Shift Sticker.

        Shift Stickers display on job cards next to Specialities, so even though they look a little different, you’ll see them in the same place as before.

        Shift Sticker Job Card.png

        With these new Shift Stickers, there’s also a new Shift Sticker filter, so you can find shifts based on descriptions about the shift rather than a facility speciality or credential. 

        Shift Sticker Filter.png

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    2. Facility App Updates

      1. May 18, 2022 | Facilities - Specialities, Screening Lists, & Essential Credentials

        Selecting your Specialities and creating jobs are now more intuitive and streamlined. 

        These changes mean that you don’t have to select every single credential and specialty every time you post a shift.

        Specialities are now set on your Facility Profile to describe your facility rather than selected every time you create a job. Because they’re associated with your facility as a whole, they automatically apply to every job you create. You’ll be able to select up to three Specialities to describe your facility. 

        Specialties on profile.png

        Screening Lists
        We’ve simplified Compliance Lists – now called Screening Lists, they only include credentials, and you only have to set them up once from your profile. You’ll have a Primary Screening List but can create as many Alternate Lists as you need. To use them, you simply select the appropriate Screening List when creating a job, with your Primary List as a default. 

        Screening on profile.png

        Essential Credentials 
        In your Screening Lists, you’ll see a few default credentials included – Essential Credentials and State Essentials. These credentials help ensure that clinicians meet basic safety and compliance standards. These cannot be edited, but you can go to the Other section when editing lists to add any other credentials that are important to you.

        Primary Screening Essential Credentials.png

        Automatically Migrating Specialities & List
        With this update, we’re automatically moving a few things around to make the change easier for you. Your most commonly-used Specialties from the jobs you have created in the past will automatically move to your profile. You can always edit those if needed.

        We’re also moving the items from your most commonly-used Compliance List to your Primary Screening List.

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      2. April 27, 2022 Facilities - Shift Stickers

        New way to include information about a shift.

        To include information to describe a shift, you’ll see new Shift Stickers under the Instructions when creating a job. These include some items previously grouped with Specialities – such as COVID or Float Shift – that let clinicians know a little more about what to expect.

        2 Adding Shift Sticker.png


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