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  • How to Cancel a Shift

    How to Cancel a Shift

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    You can cancel a shift at any time if you no longer need it. However, if you have already scheduled a clinician, there may be a cancellation fee applied if you cancel the shift within 24 hours of its start time. If you have not scheduled a clinician yet, there is no penalty.


    Cancel a Shift

    1. Tap Menu in the top left

    2. Tap Schedule

    3. Scroll and find the specific Shift Card

      • Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and the date of the requested shift

    4. Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details

    5. Tap Cancel Shift

    6. Select reason for cancelation

      • Filled by Staffing Agency

      • Fill by Internal Staff

      • Shift No Longer Needed

    7. Provide an explanation for the cancelation

    8. Tap Cancel Now to confirm


    When you cancel an already scheduled shift, the clinician will be notified that the shift has been canceled, and the shift will be removed from the marketplace entirely. If you find that you actually need that shift filled after you cancel it, you must create a new shift posting.


    Note: Remember that there may be a cancelation fee when canceling a scheduled shift within 24 hrs of the shift start time. 

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