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    1. Does Nursa require clinicians to have the COVID-19 vaccine?

      While Nursa itself does not require clinicians to have the Covid-19 vaccine, we recognize that many states and facilities do. Facilities should include this requirement in their compliance list(s). It is the clinicians responsibility to thoroughly read each job card prior to requesting a shift. In addition, it is the facilities responsibility to review each clinicians profile to ensure they reach the minimum compliance to work a shift at their facility.


      If a clinician has their Covid-19 vaccine, they are instructed to add it into their Nursa profile for facilities to review.


      If clinicians do not have the vaccine in their profile and try requesting a shift at a facility that does require it, they are informed that their chances of being hired are decreased. However, the decision is always left in the facility's hands.


      Facility Screening Lists

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