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  • Check-In and Arrival

    Clinicians are prompted to check in through the app one hour before a shift begins and again when they arrive for their shift. This is to help confirm and inform the facility user when someone is at their building. This step will not affect your shift report or payment, but rather it helps promote proper communication between the clinician and facility.


    One hour prior to the shift, clinicians are reminded of the upcoming shift and prompted to confirm that they will be there. Don't worry if it says "Waiting."  The clinician is still scheduled, but simply hasn't yet hit the "I'll Be There" button.


    When they arrive, they are also asked to confirm their arrival, which you'll then receive a notification for. If you don’t receive a notification, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the clinician is not there. They may have arrived but just forgot to check in through the app.

    Shift Details - Confirmed & Arrived

    On the shift details page, you can see both the time the clinician confirmed and arrived at your facility. Facilities are always encourage to contact a clinician directly from the Nursa App if they are suspected to have not arrived for their scheduled shift.

    If you need further steps, follow the links below for other helpful articles.

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