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  • How Do Background Checks Work with Nursa?

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    You can learn more about the background check process in our Clinician Background Checks article.


    Does Nursa Require a Background Check?

    Yes, all clinicians will have a background check done at the federal/national/state/county level. Some states may also require an additional state-level registry or other background check.


    Do I Have to Pay for the Background Check?

    Nope! You’ll never have to pay for a background check with Nursa. We cover every clinician’s federal/national/state/county level check, as well as any additional checks required by specific states.


    Do I Have to Request a Background Check?

    You don't have to request anything! The background check process automatically begins on our end when you request your first shift, so don't wait to start requesting!

    However, please ensure that you have uploaded your Drivers License or State ID to the app as well as completed your Wallet before requesting your first shift. That information is necessary for the background check.


    How Long Do Background Checks Take?

    The processing time for background checks is 5 to 7 days for both federal and state. However keep in mind that the 5 to 7 day timeframe for federal checks only begins after you have provided all of the necessary information to First Advantage. They will reach out to you by email separately, so keep an eye on your email!


    Please note that if it has not been at least 5 days since you requested your first shift to begin the background check, please give us a little more time before contacting support about it. We're on it!

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