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      Sign Up With the Nursa App

      The Nursa platform empowers you to be your own boss by giving you the flexibility to work when and where you want. Let's get started! How to Sign Up Download the Nursa App available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store Tap Sign Up Select I’m a Clinician Read through the short info section and tap Get Started Fill out your name and click on the purple arrow in the lower right corner Enter and confirm your email address Create and confirm your password Enter your cell phone number Note: You will receive a verification code sent to the number provided. If you don't receive the code within a few minutes, tap Send Again Read through the terms of service and select I Agree at the bottom of the screen Note: Check Send me a copy to receive the Terms and Conditions to your email  Add your current address - separated into the following screens Street  City State Zip Add your date of birth   Video Tutorials    
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      Add Your License, Certificate, or Qualifications

      After creating your profile, you will be prompted to add your valid nursing license. You can click the “X” in the top right corner of the screen to bypass the action for now. However, you must upload your professional healthcare license prior to viewing and requesting shifts.    You can start requesting shifts once you've added your license or certification. Shift requests won't be reviewed until your qualifications have been verified, but once verified, ALL prior requests will be pushed through and you may be scheduled for a shift sooner than expected. Be sure to check your schedule often if you've requested shifts.    Note: You cannot create a new account using the same email or phone number as an existing account. Try logging in, and if you can't remember your password, tap “Forgot Password” for a password reset email. If at any point you need help, don't hesitate to contact support at 801-695-9609 How to Add CNA Certification or Other Qualifications During Sign Up Immediately following your DOB, follow these steps: Select the state you are licensed in Choose your license type Enter and confirm your license/certification number Review the information and Confirm How to Add RN/LPN License or Certification During Sign Up Immediately following your DOB, follow these steps: Select the state you are licensed in Choose your license type Enter and confirm your license/certification number Confirm your license type Verify the last 4 of your SSN Review the information and Confirm Note: Nurse licenses are verified via the federal database and require exact letter/number details. Be sure to triple check your license information. How to Add Additional Licenses or Certifications to Your Profile Tap Profile in the Nursa App menu Tap the + Icon at the bottom right of the screen Select Health Care License  Choose the state you are licensed in Choose your license type Enter all appropriate information for the state you are licensed in Enter the last four digits of your social security number for security verification (RN/LPN only) Review and Confirm Verification Overview CNA Certification Verification CNA licenses are state-regulated and must be verified manually. This process can take 3-4 business days after all needed information is received. If we have an issue verifying your license, we will email you for more details.   RN and LPN Verification All RN and LPN/LVN licenses are auto-verified through Nursys.com. If you have any problems with this validation process, double-check to ensure your license number is input with the exact letter/number.  Caregiver  At this time, Nursa only accepts Certified Caregivers (CG) in the state of Arizona. You can find more information about Arizona Caregiver licenses here.   QMAP (Qualified Medication Aide Personnel) QMAP qualifications are only available in Colorado. If qualifications are added to this option that are not in Colorado or are not exactly QMAP qualifications, they will not be verified. Learn more about Colorado QMAP here.    
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      Add Your Credentials

      Each facility has specific credential requirements and will review your profile to determine if you are a good match for a requested shift.    Note: We encourage you to contact your state directly with credential specific questions, as each state varies. Essential Credentials The more credentials you add, the more likely you are to be selected for a requested shift. We recommend starting with the Essential Credentials.    Note: You can reach out to a facility directly to find out what certifications they prefer.   Learn about adding Specialties and Experience here. Adding Essential Credentials & State Credentials Tap the Menu in the top left corner Select Profile  Tap the blue + Icon in the bottom right corner Scroll down to Essential Credentials and State Credentials Note: If you are missing one of these credentials, you will see it grayed out with a + Icon next to it Tap the + Icon Review the list of accepted file types Upload the document along with any relevant information Adding Other Credentials Tap the Menu in the top left corner Select Profile Tap the blue + Icon in the bottom right corner Search for the credential name that you would like to add  Review the list of accepted file types Upload the document along with any relevant information  
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      Add Payment & Tax Information

      Let's get you paid for all of your hard work! Nursa pays twice a week, processing payments on Mondays and Wednesdays, and you'll receive your deposit in your bank account within two days.   You'll need to add your banking information for direct deposit and complete a digital W-9 tax form in the Wallet section of the app. Here's how: How to Set Up Your Wallet Tap on the Menu (three lines) in the top left corner Tap on Wallet Add your bank account information - must be a checking account, and be primary account holder or sole owner.  Complete the electronic W-9 form Note: You are considered a contractor when taking shifts through Nursa. This means taxes will not be taken out of your paychecks and you will receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year. Learn more here.    How to Update Your Direct Deposit Tap on the Menu Tap on Wallet Scroll down and tap the pencil next to your Account Number Note: Your routing number will pre-populate, but your account number will be blank Update/edit your routing and account number as needed Tap Save You'll receive a verification code text message. Enter the code to confirm the update Important Earnings Information Shift reports must be completed by Sunday night at 23:59 by both clinician and facility in order to get paid with the Monday batch, receiving your payment by Wednesday.  Shift reports must be completed by Tuesday night at 23:59 by both clinician and facility in order to get paid with the Wednesday batch, receiving your payment by Friday. Note: Facility have two full business days to complete their shift report after a clinician completes their shift report. If the facility has not confirmed the shift report in that timeframe, it will automatically be confirmed to ensure that clinicians are paid in a timely manner. Pay Schedule Yours and Facility’s Shift Reports Completed by Nursa Processes Payment on Posted to Your Bank by (depending on bank) Sunday by 23:59 Monday Wednesday Monday by 23:59 Wednesday Friday Tuesday by 23:59 Wednesday Friday Wednesday by 23:59 Monday (following) Wednesday (following) Thursday by 23:59 Monday  Wednesday  Friday by 23:59 Monday  Wednesday  Saturday by 23:59 Monday  Wednesday    If you have not filled out your W-9 form and have not set up your direct deposit information, it may delay your payment.  Note: Once you've made $10,000 through Nursa, you will need to upload (if you haven't already) a colored picture of your Driver's license/ State ID, to ensure your pay doesn’t get placed on hold. Viewing Paystubs Full payment history can be viewed in the Wallet section of the app at any time. If you need copies of any (or several) of your paystubs, please email support@nursa.com with the date range needed and they will email you copies.  Video Tutorial
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      Complete Your Background Check

      Every clinician will have a federal background check run. Some states may also require an additional state-level registry or other background check. Nursa pays for, requests, and uploads your background checks, but you'll have some steps to do too! Trigger Your Background Check The Nursa App will trigger your two-part background check when you request your first shift. Nursa will upload the results directly into your profile upon completion. We do not accept previously-ran background checks.   Nursa uses a third party, First Advantage, to complete federal background checks, and you will receive additional steps via email from the First Advantage that you must complete for the federal background check to be finalized.   After you complete and submit your information to First Advantage, the check takes 5-7 business days to complete, so keep an eye on your email to keep the process moving. The process for state background checks also takes 5-7 business days to complete.   Nursa covers the cost of the federal check done through First Advantage and state-level checks. However, if fingerprints are required for your state, the financial responsibility is on you as the clinician.    Learn more about background checks with Nursa here.
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      Find & Request Shifts

      Shift requests can be approved in as little as ten seconds or it could take a few days, so please only request shifts you will be available to work. Be sure to check your schedule often to see if a request has been scheduled. Finding and Requesting Shifts Pro Tip: Ensure locations services are turned on in your phone's settings so that you are shown shifts in your area.   Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner Tap Shifts Adjust the Filters in the upper right corner. You can filter by Licenses, Specialty, State, Sticker, Date Range, and Distance You can also search for specific facilities by tapping the magnifying glass icon, selecting up to 5 facilities to see all of their shifts, and then filtering those resultsNote: The more filters you add, the fewer shifts you may see. Try only adding license type and location filters to start and then add more as you get a feel for the system.   Review the list of available shifts and tap on any Shift Card to view more details like the shift date, time, license type, pay rate, and shift instructions Once you've found a shift that works with your credentials and schedule, tap the Request Shift button in the bottom right corner of the screen The facility will be alerted to review your shift request If you are selected to work the shift, you'll receive a notification and a message when you first log into the app   Congratulations! You'll see that the Shift Status now says "Scheduled," and the Shift Card will now show up on your Schedule Tab where you can review the Shift Details anytime.    Pro Tips: Request 3-4 shifts (or more) for the date/time you want to work, as there may be other clinicians requesting the same shift too. When you get scheduled, all other shift requests are automatically removed to keep you from being double booked. Ensure the proper credentials for the shift you requested are uploaded to your profile. See a list of essential credentials needed here.   If you need to remove a request or cancel a shift, please see our article on Removing a Request or Canceling a Shift.   Viewing Your Schedule Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner Tap Schedule Tap to adjust the Filters in the upper right corner to Scheduled and Requested and tap Apply Note:  The Nursa App will encourage you to add your scheduled shifts to the calendar on your phone.    Pro Tip: If you have a shift request that is still pending, you can reach out to that facility directly to see if they still need someone to fill the shift.  Contacting a Facility If you have questions about the shift or anything else you would like to ask a Facility, you can contact them by phone or by in-app chat.   From your Schedule, tap on More Details on the Shift Card To contact a Facility through chat, tap on the Chat Icon by the Scheduler’s name To contact by phone, tap on the facility’s picture or the Facility Name to bring up the Facility’s profile with their phone number Note: tapping on the address will bring up your Maps options, so make sure you’re tapping on the name or the picture From your mobile app, tap on the phone icon to call the facility     Video Tutorials      
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      Complete a Digital Shift Report

      Nursa does not follow the traditional time tracking practices, such as clocking in/out or physical timesheets. Instead, you will receive a notification at the end of your shift prompting you to complete a Shift Report.  How to Complete a Nursa Shift Report Once the shift has ended, you will receive a Notification in the upper right corner of the Nursa App Note: If you did not receive a notification or missed it, you can access incomplete Shift Reports by tapping Schedule > change your Shift Filters to Clinician Shift Report > select the shift date > select the shift card  Tap Finish Shift Report on the Shift Card Tap Confirm Shift Report Add/Adjust the hours worked to match the exact time that you arrived and finished the shift Note: You only get paid for the time you are AT the building working, even if it's a late call. Enter in any breaks and/or comments. Click for info on the break policy. Tap Yes, it is correct Your Shift Report will then be sent to the facility to be verified  Important Shift Report Details Even if you didn't work the shift, you are still required to complete the Shift Report by marking I Did Not Work This Shift at the bottom. It's up to you to complete Shift Reports on time.  The facility you worked at has two business days to verify the time that you reported. If the facility fails to verify their portion of the report within two business days, the app will auto-verify your Shift Report to ensure you are still paid appropriately.   Video Tutorials
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