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  • Add Payment & Tax Information

    Let's get you paid for all of your hard work! You'll need to add your banking information for direct deposit and complete a digital W-9 tax form in the Wallet section of the app. Here's how:

    How to Set Up Your Wallet

    1. Tap on the Menu (three lines) in the top left corner
    2. Tap on Wallet
    3. Add your bank account information - must be a checking account, and be primary account holder or sole owner. 
    4. Complete the electronic W-9 form

    Note: You are considered a contractor when taking shifts through Nursa. This means taxes will not be taken out of your paychecks and you will receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year. Learn more here. 

    How to Update Your Direct Deposit

    1. Tap on the Menu
    2. Tap on Wallet
    3. Scroll down and tap the pencil next to your Account Number
      • Note: Your routing number will pre-populate, but your account number will be blank
    4. Update/edit your routing and account number as needed
    5. Tap Save
    6. You'll receive a verification code text message. Enter the code to confirm the update

    🟣 Important Earnings Information

    • Workweeks through Nursa are Sunday-Saturday and you get paid the following Friday.
    • Shift reports must be completed by Sunday night at 2359 from both clinician and facility, in order to get paid within the correct pay period. If your shift falls on Saturday or Sunday, it's most likely you will get paid the following pay period since facilities have 48 hours to complete their shift reports. 
    • If you have not filled out your W-9 form and have not set up your direct deposit information it may delay your payment. 

    Note: Once you've made $10,000 through Nursa, you will need to upload (if you haven't already) a colored picture of your Driver's license/ State ID, to ensure your pay doesn’t get placed on hold.

    Viewing Paystubs

    • Full payment history can be viewed in the Wallet section of the app at any time.
    • If you need a copies of any (or several) of your paystubs, please email support@nursa.com with the date range needed and they will email you copies. 


    📺 Video Tutorial










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