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  • Complete Your Background Check and Add Credentials

    Each facility has different credential requirements and will review your credentials to decide if you are a good match for the requested shift. We encourage you to contact your state directly with credential specific questions, as each state varies.


    🏆 Pro Tip: The more credentials you add, the more likely you are to be selected for a shift. We recommend starting with the Essential Credentials.


    Every clinician will have a background check done at the federal/national/state/county level. Some states may also require an additional state-level registry or other background check. Nursa pays for, requests, and uploads your background checks, but you'll have some steps to do too!

    Adding Essential Credentials & State Credentials

    1. Tap the Menu in the top left corner
    2. Tap the Profile tab
    3. Tap the blue + Icon in the bottom right corner
    4. Scroll down to Essential Credentials and State Credentials
      • Note: If you are missing one of these credentials, you will see it grayed out and has a + Icon next to it
    5. Tap the "+" Icon
    6. Review the list of accepted file types
    7. Upload the document along with any relevant information

    Adding Other Credentials

    1. Tap the Menu in the top left corner
    2. Tap the Profile tab
    3. Tap the blue + circle in the bottom right corner
    4. Search for the credential name that you would like to add 
    5. Review the list of accepted file types
    6. Upload the document along with any relevant information

    Essential Credentials

    image.pngThese are credentials that facilities are most interested in ensuring that you have provided proof for, so we recommend starting with your Essential Credentials when building out your profile. You will not be able to upload a background check, however, because we'll request and upload it for you when it's ready (though there's some steps you'll need to do! See below for more details).


    • COVID - 19 Vaccine Card
    • Background Check
    • CPR/First Aid
    • Colored photo of state-issued Drivers License/ID


      Note:  You can reach out to a facility directly to find out what certifications they prefer.


    Learn about adding Specialties and Experience here.

    *Completing Background Checks*

    As mentioned above, every clinician must have at least a background check done at the federal level, and some states may require additional registry or other background checks. Nursa pays for all background checks and uploads them to your profile when they're ready. We do not accept previously-ran background checks.


    Nursa automatically begins the background check process when you request your first shift; however you will receive additional steps via email from the background check company that you must complete for the background check to be finalized.


    Learn more about background checks with Nursa here.

    📺 Video Tutorials



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