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  • Find & Request Shifts

    Shift requests can be approved in as little as ten seconds or it could take a few days, so please only request shifts you will be available to work. Be sure to check your schedule often to see if a request has been scheduled.

    Finding and Requesting Shifts

    Pro Tip: Ensure locations services are turned on in your phone's settings so that you are shown shifts in your area.


    1. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner
    2. Tap Shifts
    3. Adjust the Filters in the upper right corner. You can filter by Licenses, Specialty, State, Sticker, Date Range, and Distance
      • image.gifYou can also search for specific facilities by tapping the magnifying glass icon, selecting up to 5 facilities to see all of their shifts, and then filtering those results
      • Note: The more filters you add, the fewer shifts you may see. Try only adding license type and location filters to start and then add more as you get a feel for the system.  
      • Note: The filters you select will save until you close or log out of the app. You can go to other pages in the app or leave the app, and your filters won't clear.
    4. Review the list of available shifts and tap on any Shift Card to view more details like the shift date, time, license type, pay rate, and shift instructions
    5. Once you've found a shift that works with your credentials and schedule, tap the Request Shift button in the bottom right corner of the screen
    6. The facility will be alerted to review your shift request
    7. If you are selected to work the shift, you'll receive a notification and a message when you first log into the app


    image.pngCongratulations! You'll see that the Shift Status now says "Scheduled," and the Shift Card will now show up on your Schedule Tab where you can review the Shift Details anytime.


     Pro Tips:

    • Request 3-4 shifts (or more) for the date/time you want to work, as there may be other clinicians requesting the same shift too. When you get scheduled, all other shift requests are automatically removed to keep you from being double booked.
    • Ensure the proper credentials for the shift you requested are uploaded to your profile. See a list of essential credentials needed here.  
    • If you need to remove a request or cancel a shift, please see our article on Removing a Request or Canceling a Shift.  

    Viewing Your Schedule

    1. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner
    2. Tap Schedule
    3. Tap to adjust the Filters in the upper right corner to Scheduled and Requested and tap Apply
      • Note:  The Nursa App will encourage you to add your scheduled shifts to the calendar on your phone.


     Pro Tip: If you have a shift request that is still pending, you can reach out to that facility directly to see if they still need someone to fill the shift. 

    Contacting a Facility

    image.gifIf you have questions about the shift or anything else you would like to ask a Facility, you can contact them by phone or by in-app chat.


    1. From your Schedule, tap on More Details on the Shift Card

    2. To contact a Facility through chat, tap on the Chat Icon by the Scheduler’s name

    3. To contact by phone, tap on the facility’s picture or the Facility Name to bring up the Facility’s profile with their phone number

      • Note: tapping on the address will bring up your Maps options, so make sure you’re tapping on the name or the picture

      • From your mobile app, tap on the phone icon to call the facility



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