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  • Tax Information (W-9)


    Enter & Verify Your Tax Information

    1. Go to the Wallet section of the app.

    2. Scroll down until you see Electronic W-9.

    3. Tap on the Pencil icon in order to verify your information.

    4. Enter (and verify) your personal information and submit.

    As an independent contractor working with Nursa you will be filing taxes via a 1099 tax form. This is the form you will be using to report non-employment income (the income you earned as an independent contractor on the Nursa App). 

    When you view the pay on a job card on the app or website, you are being shown your actual hourly pay without any tax deductions.

              Note: Nursa does not take any taxes out of your paycheck, which means you are responsible for managing and reporting your income when you file your taxes every year.

    Filing Your Taxes

    If you earned less than $600 over the course of the year with Nursa, you will not be receiving a 1099 form to complete. However, you are still required to report this income as other earned income on your 1040 tax form. Please check your specific state tax laws to get more detailed instructions on how to file. 

    If you earned more than $600 with Nursa over the course of the year, we will be sending you a 1099 form to the email we have on file for you. The email attachment will only be viewable for seven days after the email is sent. After that time has lapsed you can view the form in your wallet and access it using the last four of your Social Security Number. 

    More information and instructions on how to file can be found at the IRS websites, linked below: 

    About form 1040 

    About Form 1099-NEC

    Instructions for Form 1099-NEC

    Note: The 1099 and tax year reflect the date that you were paid and not the date you worked. If you worked on Dec 31, 2021 but we didn’t pay out until the following Friday (Jan 7, 2022), that payment will not be included in 2021 taxes and 1099. It will be included in the year that it was paid.



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