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  • Urgent Shifts - SOS Alerts


    Occasionally facilities have urgent shifts that need to be filled last minute, which are labeled SOS Shifts. Due to the urgent nature of these shifts, they can pay up to 30% more per hour!

    To Qualify for SOS Shifts/Alerts

    You must have completed at least one shift and have a 70% or better reliability rating. As long as you have successfully completed more than 70% of your scheduled shifts, you will be able to request SOS Shifts. However, if your rating falls below 70% (from things like cancelling scheduled shifts, no call/no show) then you will no longer be able to request SOS shifts.


    There are two things that must be set up to receive SOS alerts. First, you must select the times that you are available, which is done in the Nursa app. Second, you must have your Location Services turned on on your device and enabled for the Nursa App.

    Set SOS Alert Times in the App

    1. Tap Menu in the upper left corner
    2. Select Settings
    3. Tap SOS Alerts
    4. Select the day and shift combinations for when you’d like to receive SMS text alerts for an SOS shift
    5. Tap Save at the bottom

    Enable Location Services on Your Device

    For Apple Devices

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap Privacy
    3. Tap Location Services
    4. Ensure Location Services are enabled
    5. Tap the Nursa App
    6. Select "While Using the App"


    For Android Devices

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap Location
    3. Tap App Permission
    4. Ensure Location Services are enabled
    5. Tap the Nursa App
    6. Select "Allow only while using the app"


     Note: You will only receive up to one SOS text notification per day. All other notifications will continue to come through the Nursa app.




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