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NURSA slow job posting notifications

Rainier Bansil


Hi NURSA Team!


Not sure why there were not so many job postings daily for CNA's, LPN's and RN's, and this happened since Thurs.

This does not usually happen, specially in Salt Lake area (where you always have new job posting everyday).


Can someone please tell us what is happening with the app? 





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Hi @Rainier Bansil. I'm sorry that you haven't been seeing the number of shifts you normally do. From our end, it doesn't appear that there has been any significant change in the number of shifts being posted to the app in the SLC area. If you've checked and cleared your filters, there's a chance that it's a technical issue that we can more efficiently help troubleshoot with you if you're able to contact support by either calling +1 833-543-5441, emailing support@nursa.com, or chatting in the app. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused!


@Mornique DiceyIf your app has been crashing and you're experiencing other technical issues, please feel free to contact support as well, so we can help resolve any technical issue. Sorry for any inconvenience to you as well! Support can help investigate and report issues you're experiencing, which also helps us track if it's impacting other users. Thank you!

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@Brittney Mumy You can also do something about it to weed them out, just go into your filter section and choose Job statuses to select what you want to see. Default shows all of them. I'm sure support will jump in and fill in the info I am missing. But my advice is user to user and found that has worked for me, not seeing jobs that have already been filled, or canceled. 

I hope it helps 😊

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