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What I want to see for NURSA

Rainier Bansil


Hello everyone and to all NURSA team!


I have been with this company for 1 year and I love it!


There are some things that I would like to see with NURSA, and those are:

  • Increase pay/bonuses for clinicians who have higher ratings with many shifts or facilities worked. 
  • The shifts posted on app should be in chronological order (like from today's date to beyond), this makes a lot easier to keep track of shifts.
  • We used to have a filter that tells clinician of which facilities pays most, what happened to that? lol
  • More coverage throughout states from West to East Coast.
  • Travel contracts with an option to work as 1099? (I know this may sound impossible but it could happen).


I know this may seem a lot, and this is just in my own words. But ya'll had been doing great to me and us clinicians from day one we started to use this app. I truly love the fact that NURSA allows us to work in our own practice and create a life changing wealth or freedom. I'm saying this because I was a staff working in a nursing home since 2009. (I started to earn $18 an hour as an LPN, but never got raised after that for years!)


NURSA just keeps growing & growing with new management team (from R&D to Marketing), and I'm proud to be part of it! I cant wait for this company to thrive and grow more!


Rain LPN 





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