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What happened to twice weekly pay?



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@MaddieBroemmer Hi Maddie! Twice weekly pay is live and in its second week. Your payments will still be determined by when both your shift report and the facility shift report are completed (or if after two business days from you completing yours, the facility has not completed theirs and it's auto verified). Payments will generate Monday and Wednesday, and you should be paid by Wednesday and Friday if you had shift reports completed in that timeframe. This article lays out the pay schedule.


If you have any shifts reports that were completed that you don't think have been paid out, please contact support so we can look more into what might be happening. 

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17 hours ago, Krishna Floisand said:

Interesting @Mornique Dicey! Why do you prefer the once a week?

It is more organized/ easier for me to keep track of exactly how much I made for the week. Now I have no clue how much I am being paid on either day since many things play a factor. Since it depends on when shift reports are complete on both ends. Seems the largest pay out day is Wednesdays now unless I make an effort to hold off doing my shift reports. And also with taxes, we will be having to do taxes twice and possible having to take more out from taxes rather then just on one large check compared to two separate pay outs. (I hope that makes since but I'm sure you understand what I am trying to say.) Plus I enjoy making the most and trying to out do the last week. And now with it being broken up it's not the same especially where Friday I only get paid for a shift or two. 

This is just my personal opinion and preference.

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