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Welcome to the Nursa Community! ​👋​

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Hey there, and welcome! The Community is a place to connect with others, get answers to your questions, and find inspiration to keep up the amazing work you do each day. You're welcome to browse around as a guest or you can create an account so you can engage in our forums and clubs, earn badges and points which can be used for awesome swag, and more!

A few things to check out while you're here:

Feel free to reach out to me anytime if I can be of help with the Nursa Community! Can't wait to to meet you in the discussions!

💜  Tiffany & the Nursa Community Team

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  • Krishna changed the title to Welcome to the Nursa Community! ​👋​
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i just started in the community. this app is different than other agency or on demand app. i just want to be able to help others maybe help the team of nursa improve in areas. the idea of nursa is perfect easy and more freedom. i do think if nursa introduce next day pay or daily pay the increase of nursing staff would double. so that nursa wont lose money pay gets paid out after shift reports are verified or even offer half of the shift pay after the end of the shift. i just want to connect with other nursa staff and nursing staffing to make things better. that is all. thank you for allowing me to be on your platform.

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Welcome to our Community@jessica j.. I am glad you are more than willing to help everyone on this platform--thats why its here :). These are great ideas Jessica! As a user we are always opened to improvements you may have-->check out our ideas page, dedicated to product enhancement.

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