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Notification when banned

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For some reason you can still attempt to click request shift and it gives you a weird pop up message that doesn't say you are banned.  Sitting here enjoying my 2 week ban from Nursa for canceling a shift.  Don't do that unless you are just enjoying your summer like me.





In regards to to the message when a facility bans you, I'm not sure if its better to not see their shifts at all, get a message that accurately states that you are banned, or the current situation where it says something on a pop up message unrelated to your ban.  I think it says bad request or something like that.  In my personal situation a facility accidently banned me.  In my opinion there should be some sort of category the facility assigns to your ban and simply not showing up for 1 shift shouldn't be a permanent ban.  Maybe 30 days or something?


I tried reaching out to Nursa, but I'm not going to beg for an agency unban me for cancelling a shift that already needed to be cancelled.  There has to be a better way to work through that process.  I think my two week ban ends today or tomorrow.  That is another thing.  There is no indication of when my cancellation ban is up.  I don't know if it ends with a precise 2 week timer or its just 14 days.  

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