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Shifts Filters

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Its incredibly annoying that I have to set the filter for my state each time I want to look at available shifts. I only have a license in one state. Why can't it be a preset like the license filter??

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We definitely have seen this feedback before and we are working on bringing back the distance filter. You will be able to more easily see the shifts close to you and not others that are in other states like is currently happening occasionally. Stay tuned!

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Thank you for this feedback @Alishia and @Nueva Koehler. I know for our new users it can take a little bit for the algorithm to catch up to preferences. But it seems like this hasn't happened for you. Let me look into this and let me know if there are any other details around this. 

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When is the update? I still have to set all filters every single time I go to look at shifts. Even when I just switch screens and come back I have to set them again! And the app is so slow it takes me forever. When is it going to be updated??

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I was told it’s a new algorithm but that was back in the summer.  Whatever system you have hired is inadequate .  Every time I go into app I have to re-enter in my state, lic and dates.  I’m getting shifts maybe 3-4 if I’m lucky and most are 20-30 miles away.  Never had this problem before.  This algorithm process made things worse.  Now when I look at a shift and then return to shifts I have to re-enter all info again and yet I never left the app? Please help.

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