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Next day pay and other ideas...

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View comments below to see ideas from our awesome member @jessica j.. Be sure to vote on this topic if you feel the same!

Guest Tiffany T.


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 just started in the community. this app is different than other agency or on demand app. i just want to be able to help others maybe help the team of nursa improve in areas. the idea of nursa is perfect easy and more freedom. i do think if nursa introduce next day pay or daily pay the increase of nursing staff would double. so that nursa wont lose money pay gets paid out after shift reports are verified or even offer half of the shift pay after the end of the shift. i just want to connect with other nursa staff and nursing staffing to make things better. that is all. thank you for allowing me to be on your platform.

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i believe there would be and increase in the amount of job opportunities if there was a med aide position available 

for example it the med aide position is not filled by a med aide a lvn or rn can request the same position just have to accept they pay posted for the med aide. and also if and lvn or rn or med aide even request a cna position at cna pay of course we should be allowed to request it only because our credentials already include that of a cna or med aide. if you understand what im saying so like under an LVN profile it should be able to include med aide, cna and care giver. alot of facilities need med aides.

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when nursa contractors are cancelled

most agencies will pay 2 hours to the nurse or even half to the nurse if they cancel anywhere from 12 hours to 8 hours before start of shift. this is important to the nurse because we could have booked somewhere else esp if we are trying to have enough for rent , car note vaction kids anything. espppppp if we get canceled the last day of the pay cycle when we think we are going to work a shift and made enough to cover a bill and it will be paid out the next week. i have 6 little kids. i plan and already pay for child care. and dont get me started with if i have to travel to the facility gas and hotel you cant get back.

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I really prefer our Payouts to be WEEKLY instead of twice per week because reconciling my accounting is so much easier this way.  Apparently payout was recently changed to twice per week, but I like the old way of payout once per week as it makes reconciling my account so much easier!

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Guest Kimberly Griffin4804500565


Just wanted to share this picture that was taken at the facility I've been working at...really it seems like so much drama on this issue. If this is a possibility and people need it then let them have it...if it helps someone else to have multiple days saved up to have a bigger check, then he should be able to do that as well....everyone has individual circumstances. We are not in a cookie cutter world. But it really ought not affect me what's best for someone else, just what's best for me (sounds selfish to say that, but my opinion was asked and so I offer...) it would be like asking what all of us should dress like on a particular day...some live in Colorado so they may be dressed in layers, while those that live in Arizona E1EE377E-FC1F-48B4-ACC8-C43C6C2DDBFF.thumb.jpeg.59e255984b2e415b337ee67434398325.jpegwill be sporting tank tops ...just offer the variety of choices, but remember you may not always be able to satisfy all of us all the time.but thank you for trying.

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