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  • Clinician Quickstart Guide

    Clinician Quickstart Guide

    Get to Know Nursa

    Nursa is an app-based marketplace where RNs, CNAs, and LPN/LVNs can select per diem shifts to work in a variety of locations. 


    Who We Are
    • -Per diem Marketplace - we create transparency between nurses and facilities
    • -We create options for nurses to choose when and where they work
    • -Job flexibility to use us when you need us
    • -Enable you to connect and build your network
    • -Filling shifts in real time
    • -Use it when you need it
    • -Select your own facility
    • -Connect and build a professional network
    Who We Aren't
    • -Nursa is not a placement platform. We don’t dictate where and when a clinician works.
    • -We aren’t an employer, clinicians are 1099 contractors.
    • -We are not an agency.
    • -We don't have contracts. 

    Get Started with the Nursa App

    Follow each step below to download the Nursa app and set up your account. Once your app is setup, move on to Step 3 to learn how to get the most out of Nursa.

    Sign up with Nursa
    • ❑ Download the Nursa app on your iPhone or Android.
    • ❑ Create an account and complete your profile.
    • ❑ Add your license or certification number.

    🏆  PRO TIP:  Enable location services on your phone when entering your address to ensure you see relevant shifts in your area. 

    Setup Your Wallet
    • ❑ Enter your banking information to receive paychecks via direct deposit every Friday
    • ❑ Complete the electronic W-9 tax form
    • 🏆  PRO TIP: When you take shifts with Nursa you are working as an independent contractor. This means we don't take taxes out of your paycheck. Check out our in-depth guide on how to handle your taxes!
    Add Your Credentials & Specialties

    Be sure to include things like:

    • ❑ BLS or CPR/First Aid Certificate
    • ❑ TB Test (dated within 12 months)
    • ❑ Any state required credentials 

    🏆  PRO TIP: The more complete your profile is the more likely you’ll be picked for shifts. If you have any additional certifications, upload those as well! 

    Request Your First Shift
    • ❑ Tap on Jobs and adjust the filters in the upper right corner to show shifts that are relevant to your specialty and location. 
    • ❑ Tap any available shift card to review details.
    • ❑ When you find a shift that works for you, tap Request Job.
    • ❑ You will receive a notification if your shift request is accepted. 

    🏆  PRO TIP: Communicate early and often with the facility you’re working with. Ask them anything from what color of scrubs to wear to where to park. You can reach out to them directly in the app.

    Work and Get Paid
    • ❑ You can review your requested and scheduled shifts within the Schedule section of the app.
    • ❑ Follow the prompts in the app to complete your digital shift report. 

    🏆  PRO TIP: Show up early to your shift to get familiar with the layout of the facility.

    It's Your Time to Shine

    You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and it’s time to let the world know. That means, we need to level up your profile. Facilities have full autonomy in selecting who will fill their shift. But, we have some tips to make sure you get the shifts you want!

    Perfect Your Profile
    • ❑ Adding a professional profile picture will make you stand out.
    • ❑ Add your specialty and all of your credentials.
    •  Upload a resume. This helps schedulers get to know you.
    Add as Many Credentials as Possible
    •  Facilities can see all of your credentials. If you are 100% compliant with the specialties and credentials in their job card you go to the very top of their list.
    • ❑ If you aren’t sure if you are compliant on a desired shift, reach out to the facility directly within the app to find out what you are missing.
    Advocate for Yourself
    •  Communicate with the facility on what you need during a shift. 
    •  Waiting for a shift to be accepted? Contact the facility to see if they still need it filled.
    Schedule Multiple Shifts
    • Best practice is to request at least three shifts that have your desired date and start time.
    • The app will automatically cancel the other conflicting shifts once you are accepted for one. 
    Do What You Do Best - Provide Quality Care
    • ❑ Facilities take notice when you go above and beyond to care for patients. 

    Rock Your Shift 

    It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for - but we understand it’s also a moment that can be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. And just remember, you’ve got this!

    Pre-Shift Checklist
    • ❑ There may be a dress code noted in the app, if not, you can reach out to the facility - but you're usually safe with solid muted colors.
    • ❑ Arrive 15 minutes early.
    • ❑ Check in at the front and ask where to go.
    • ❑ Check in on the Nursa™ app.
    During Shift Checklist
    • Locate your point of contact, whether it's a scheduler or shift lead to ask about:
    • ❑ Clocking in and out practices
    • ❑ Breaks and lunches
    • ❑ Locations of bathrooms, the break room, and nurse station
    • ❑ Shift to-do list
    • ❑ Charting practices
    • ❑ Receiving a login to their system
    Post Shift Checklist
    • ❑ Give a shift report to the relieving nurse. 
    • ❑ Checkout with the charge nurse 
    • ❑ Complete a digital shift report in the Nursa™ app.

    Make That Money

    Getting Paid
    • ❑ Paydays are every Friday 🎉
    • If you make more than $600 in a year, you will need to file a 1099 tax form.
    • Workweeks are Sunday-Saturday and you will be paid the following Friday given the shift report has been completed and verified by Sunday
    • at 2359.

    🏆  PRO TIP:  Ensure all the information in your wallet is accurate and complete in order to get paid on schedule. 


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