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  1. Make the most of your experience by diving into all our resources and conversations. Unsure where to start? Each space states its purpose at the top but we also have a full directory below! General Start here → Gain foundational knowledge of what Nursa is and how it runs Get Support → Browse user guides or reach out to our support team for help New to Nursa → Join a group of new users to ask your questions and get oriented Events → RSVP to upcoming events at Teachable and teachable:hq Feedback and Ideas → Give feedback on your experience and share ideas Forums Community Insider → Learn how to make the most of community, stay in the know of updates happening, polls and event replays. Replays → Events shall be recorded to access at anytime Polls → Designed to help learn more about you, participate and make your vote count Introduce yourself → Make your first impression and post your intro Conversations → Partake in threads to teach, learn, or inspire others First Shift Support → Provide your feedback on your first shifts work and what went well and what could be improved 💻 Research Program (NEW) At times, Nursa’s product team hosts focus groups, interviews, or surveys to get feedback around a Nursa product. If you're hoping to be a product tester for a future project, join the Research Group to get insider access to new features. 🧙 Community Leaders Program (NEW) This program will represent the voices of Nursa users across the nation. Leaders across the world volunteer to bring users together in local groups to collaborate, share, and collectively grow with Nursa in many different ways. Stay Tuned 👀 Up Next: Community How-Tos 👉
  2. What is Getting Started Fridays? Every Friday we will highlight a Nursa feature and it will include a description, relevant support pages, videos, blogs, and related community content. The goal of this weekly series is to help users find resources related to the topic. Important note: for urgent questions please contact our Support Team. Getting Started Fridays | June 30, 2023 Before you are able to view shifts, you will need to enter a valid license. RN and LPN/LVN license will be auto-verified by Nursys.com and CNA license are state regulated. This means, that depending on your state, they could be verified automatically or take 3-4 business days. Nursa current has shifts for CNA, RN, LPN/LVN! Also locally Nursa accepts Certified Caregivers in AZ and QMAP in Colorado. Got that license uploaded now? You are able to start those requests! Make sure to fill up your profile with more credentials. More tips coming next week 👋 If you are looking for other license types or types of shifts, let us know below! More on uploading your license:
  3. Drop a little about yourself! Name, state, why you love nursing, favorite hobby, favorite dad joke, etc!
  4. Come join our virtual Q&A to learn all things related to Denver hospital shifts happening now!
  5. Let us know the best day and time to join us live to meet other PRN professionals and ask questions 🙂
  6. Nurses week May 6 - 12 at Orange Theory! We've partnered with a local Orange Theory franchise owner to get Nursa clinicians (any nursing license) a FREE week of fitness! Book online and show your license/badge at the door. Participating locations: Cottonwood Heights Draper Holladay Herriman Sandy South Jordan Wanna come? Which one are you going to? Meet some Nursa reps at your workout next week!
  7. Don't forget we are having our live Q&A tomorrow at 12pm. Join us on zoom: https://nursa.zoom.us/j/86983051272?pwd=cXQ0TCtxcHhrZWpCV3YzT0UzZnJ3UT09!
  8. How about we have a site were people can order some Nursa swag items? (Shirts, hats, pens etc.)😎
  9. Like this post and we will send you a little something to celebrate 😉
  10. Let us know what you would like to see more of in the new year! If it's not on the list, comment below!
  11. In our "What do you want to see more of on the Nursa Community in 2023?" Poll you wanted to see more app features and new release knowledge. Let's dig more into it! Select what you are wanting to see and/or explain below what you'd like to see from our newest features?
  12. Heyo Tampa and Lakeland! We have big plans for Florida and are planning on coming to the Tampa/Lakeland area first! We want to answer any questions you have and get to know you. We will use this topic to invite you to ask questions and see if we can meet some of you as we head over there!
  13. Working on an event for early-mid February! We want this to be a 100% community event, where we can come and socialize and relax. Even if just for a little. P.s. (I am sorry for those outside of UT, I am 8 months pregnant and wish I could have an event everywhere but apparently traveling is frowned upon this late 😅) There are a few ideas, but we want you to have a voice. Complete the poll below asap so we can see what we can do! 🙂
  14. Comment below if there's a topic you want to hear about not listed as an option!
  15. It's beginning to look a lot like... December! Happy December to you all! As this month begins, we want to take a moment to say "hello" to all the new members that have joined us recently! (we tagged the newcomers this week below!) New and "old" members, please introduce yourself and answer this question: What is your favorite winter activity? Excited to meet you! @Andy @Cslamb @Sephora Abui @Serenity @Eboni Morgan @Amanda Omonubi @Kaia @Clzepeda94 @Krystal Luna @Theresa Lopez @Diane H. @Rachel Frye @Meaghan @Kelley Pacelli @Megan @Courtney Titone @Florence CHIMUANYA Adenaik @Ash @Tigi @Toshianna @Stacia Simmons @Latonia @Lena B Freeman @Ryan @Areonna Wilson @Shauna Lee @Stefanie B @Shameka Dixon @Rayvn W. @Crystal G @Syd @Gwen @Jalaya @Tye @Nurse Ronnie @Eunice Loitamon @Viky @Devanee M @Justin Pour @Ivanna Ruvera @Joy Plunkett @Laggie
  16. We have had this question asked by multiple nurses and want to throw it to the group. When you are working at a facility and feel it is unsafe (for any reason) and are concerned about your license, what do you do?
  17. Let us know how long you have been working in healthcare and per diem! We have so much experience from all our users 🙂
  18. Hi Everyone! First of all, thank you so much for joining this community! We really want to make this a space that is meaningful for everyone. On that note - we really want to know what resources the Nursa Team can provide and things we can do that is truly helpful to you. What topics, what articles, what workshops are the most interesting and needed? Anything goes here!
  19. Hi, we've been hearing a lot of per diem clinicians want to know about Continuing Education Units or CEU's/CE's and how to navigate them. Here at Nursa we care about you and want to cater our efforts to be hitting what YOU as one of our clinicians want and need What are the main concerns and questions that you would like to know more about so we can help!
  21. It’s Halloween time...has anyone had an experience at work that gave you goosebumps? I had an experience a couple of days with a resident that, to this day, gives me goosebumps when I think about it—just a bit of background. I am half Asian and half Northwestern European. I identify as Asian because I grew up In an Asian household and community. Filipinos are superstitious believers in signs and spirits. This past Friday, I worked the 6p-6a shifts at a facility here in Arizona. Most residents under my care have some cognitive impairment and varying severity. I use a penlight when I do rounds, especially if they are asleep because I want to ensure they are not in any acute distress. I entered the room of an elderly female resident, went near the bed, and saw that she was asleep. I was approaching the bedroom door to exit when I heard, Lulu? She startled me because I did not expect her to begin talking suddenly. I turned around and said yes and apologized if I had woken her. She said I did not wake her. She just crawled into bed because her visitor had just left. She went on to say what a wonderful time she had. This person brought her comfort, and her presence alone was more than she could ever ask for. She stares at me like she’s looking into my soul and says, she looks just like you around the eyes. Thank you very much, Lulu, for sharing her with me. Without even thinking, I asked who and instantly regretted it. Your daughter, she says. I reply with, what daughter? Maria, Silly. I excused myself and informed her I would be finishing my rounds. I said good night, and she said, you’re a proud mama that loves her daughter. I immediately went into the utility room, and as I broke down, I got on the phone and asked my husband to check on our daughter Maria. Do not ask her if she is okay; I want you to look at her and ensure she is okay. I am not a superstitious fanatic, but I do believe in certain things. This is an experience I will never forget.
  22. I have a sickly child and spent most of this year in and out of the hospital. I am so grateful for Nursa; It's everything I need right now to make a living without having to commit to a facility and a schedule. Yes, the app has its issues, but so what. Nursa was a life changer for me. I never dread reaching out to Nursa support via chat or phone call because everyone I have come into contact with has been friendly and professional. @Angelica Reed @Ashley C @Keaton Reading @Saxon Jones @Joseph Jacobs @Laura Ellis @Karston Modlinski @Heloiza Naemy Sadoyama Camargo @jodi palmer @Leonardo Sobreira @Krishna Floisand I have had some sort of interaction with everyone here at least once and I have had numerous interactions with a few. Every single contact I initiated was because I had a question, maybe I was having an issue with the app, maybe it was my check. I have never ever reached out to Nursa support just to say hello, how are you? I hope you are having a good day. I think you are a special group of people that even when faced with an angry frustrated crowd, you manage to smile. I appreciate all of you guys so much. To anyone I might have missed, I appreciate you so much too.
  23. These will definitely help with getting more shifts in the app and keeping you sharp! Who's down?
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