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  1. Favorite part about working in hospitals vs. other facilities??
  2. Hey guys! I am a CNA and I would love to know your guys tips and ticks on finding a good facility to pick up at and what you look for before you request shifts.. Any help would be great!
  3. Is there anything you do at the hospitals you work at to combat frustrating administration that won't listen to their nurses' needs?
  4. Large facility in my area that is ran by a religious organization recently became a customer. I decided to book multiple shifts. I showed up for the first shift and I was double booked with another agency. They decided to keep me for that shift. The second shift they told me in person that they no longer want the shift. I guess I didn't realize its totally up to them to cancel shifts. Why is that? After calling support on two different days I decided to cancel all my shifts for the week and take the 2 week ban since there was no way to fix the issue. Maybe its just me, but I hate driving across town or maybe really far and being sent home even if I am getting whatever show up pay there is. I guess some other lucky individual got $8hr more since it was flagged as last minute in the system when I canceled, but I bet they got sent home too. It makes me look foolish when we already discussed that they didn't need the shift. There are some education issues with these facilities especially if they are new.
  5. While Nursa itself does not require clinicians to have the Covid-19 vaccine, we recognize that many states and facilities do. Facilities should include this requirement in their compliance list(s). It is the clinicians responsibility to thoroughly read each job card prior to requesting a shift. In addition, it is the facilities responsibility to review each clinicians profile to ensure they reach the minimum compliance to work a shift at their facility. If a clinician has their Covid-19 vaccine, they are instructed to add it into their Nursa profile for facilities to review. If clinicians do not have the vaccine in their profile and try requesting a shift at a facility that does require it, they are informed that their chances of being hired are decreased. However, the decision is always left in the facility's hands. Facility Screening Lists
  6. If you've already scheduled a clinician for a shift but need to remove them (such as if you've filled the shift in-house, the clinician No Call/No Showed after the start of the shift, or there was an emergency that kept them from working the shift), you can do so in the app. If the shift has already started and you removed the clinician by mistake, you can also reinstate that clinician -- but only if you remove them AFTER the shift has started. Note: Removing a clinician will return the shift to the marketplace. If you no longer need the shift, please see How to Cancel a Shift. Remove a Scheduled Clinician Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find and tap the appropriate date Scroll and find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Remove Clinician Note: Nursa encourages communication and will prompt you to contact the clinician prior to removal or cancellation Confirm that you tried to contact the clinician Tap Remove Clinician Select reason for removing clinician *Excused Emergency: you've spoken with the clinician and understand their situation for not working a shift Refused to Work: can include situations like a no call, no show or refusal to work the shift No Call No Show: only an option if the shift has already started Provide an optional explanation for the removal Tap Remove Tap Yes to confirm and return the shift to the marketplace When you remove a clinician, the scheduled clinician will be notified, and the shift automatically reposts to the marketplace. You DO NOT need to repost the shift. A new notification will also be sent to all available clinicians, so that you can begin looking for a replacement. *Excused Emergency: If a facility user selects Excused Emergency when removing a clinician from a shift, the clinician will not be penalized by having their account frozen. We encourage facilities to use this option when an emergency situation outside of the clinician's control comes up. Reinstate a Removed Clinician If you accidentally remove a clinician from a shift AFTER the shift has begun, you have the ability to reinstate that clinician in the app. This may be if the clinician arrived at the shift and you weren’t aware of it, or if they arrived late but you both agree to have them work the shift. Note: You cannot reinstate a scheduled clinician after they've been removed if the shift has not yet started. This is because the clinician is notified of being removed and may have already found another shift or made other plans. Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Reinstate Clinician Tap Reinstate Clinician again Tap Yes to confirm
  7. Facilities can be instantly notified via text message if a clinician cancels a shift. Each facility user can set up cancelation notifications in the Nursa app: Tap Menu in the top left Tap Settings Tap Communication Preferences Under Cancelation Notifications, tap Customize Preferences Select notification timeframe (how far in advance you would like to receive text notifications) Options: Always, 24 hours before the shift starts, or anywhere from 1 to 7 days in advance Specify each day of the week and time block to receive text notifications Note: If you prefer to ALWAYS receive text notifications, you can select full day options on the bottom of this screen Tap Save When a clinician cancels a scheduled shift, the shift is automatically reposted to the marketplace with a higher pay rate to incentivize clinicians to request the shift (your bill rate will not change), and an emergency notification goes out to all available clinicians. A clinician's account is also frozen for 14 days on their third cancelation in a rolling 30-day period. Note: By setting up Cancelation Notifications, you're opting in to receive text notifications if someone cancels a scheduled shift. Standard text messaging rates may apply.
  8. Nursa

    Check-In and Arrival

    Clinicians are prompted to check in through the app when they arrive at your facility. This is to help confirm and inform those at the facility of expected arrival and when the clinician is at their building. This step will not affect the Shift Report or payment, but rather it helps promote proper communication between the clinician and facility. Starting an hour before the shift starts, you’ll see a message saying “Clinician Arrival Not Yet Confirmed.” After the clinician arrives and checks in, you’ll see “Clinician Confirmed Arrival at [time,]” so you’ll know when they arrived to your building. This is displayed both on the Shift Details and your Schedule Page. Facilities are always encouraged to contact a clinician directly from the Nursa App if they are suspected to have not arrived for their scheduled shift. If you need further steps, follow the links below for other helpful articles. Click here for a YouTube video. How to Contact a Clinician How to Remove or Cancel a Scheduled Clinician
  9. After a clinician works your shift, you’ll each complete a Shift Report, so they can get paid. Nursa does not follow traditional time tracking practices, such as clocking in/out or paper timesheets. Instead, clinicians will receive a notification at the end of their shift prompting them to complete their Shift Report. A Shift Report is a two-step process. First, the clinician will record and submit their Shift Report. Then you (the facility) have two full business days to verify the time that was reported. If the report is not verified within two business days, Nursa will auto-verify the Shift Report to ensure the clinician is paid in a timely manner. Verifying a Shift Report Tap in-app Notifications (the bell icon in the top right) Note: If you miss a notification, go to your schedule and filter by Facility Shift Report shift status. A red dot on the calendar means there is a Facility Shift Report to approve Tap Verify Shift Report on Shift Card Select Yes, They Worked this Shift. Note: If the clinician DID NOT in fact work the shift, tap No, They Didn't Work this Shift and follow the prompted step The shift start, end and break times will auto-populate. Note: If there is any need to edit times or add a bonus, click "Edit Submitted Times" Select Approve Clinician Shift Report You can then rate the clinician and leave a comment if desired That's it! The Shift Report has been verified and is ready for payment! It’s the clinician’s responsibility to check their schedule and complete their Shift Reports first. It’s the facility's responsibility to verify Shift Reports within two days of completion, or they will be auto-verified. That’s it for getting started! Those are the basics you need to know to set up your account, post shifts, schedule clinicians, and complete Shift Reports! There’s lots of helpful information in our Facility Help Articles, and our Nursa Community is full of other healthcare professionals looking to connect, so have a look around! We’re so happy you’re here! Previous Guide ⇐ Schedule A Clinician
  10. After you post shifts with Nursa, clinicians will see them and start requesting! As the facility user, you have final say in who works in your building, which also means you are responsible for scheduling clinicians for your shifts. Be sure to keep up on your notifications and check the app to see who’s requested your shifts. Reviewing Requests and Scheduling a Clinician Tap Menu in the top left Select Schedule Tap Filters above your calendar on the left Tap Shift Status Shift Status filters default to include eight statuses: Open, Viewed, Requested, Scheduled, In Progress, Clinician Shift Report, Facility Shift Report, Admin Shift Report, and Completed To more easily identify only Requested shifts, deselect all other Shift Statuses by tapping the purple “x” next to the other seven statuses Tap the purple check mark Tap Save Note: Requested shifts show as red dots on the calendar, indicating an action is needed Tap on the Shift Card Tap Manage Request You’ll see a list of clinicians who have requested to work that shift. From this view, you can see how many credentials each clinician has that match your Screening List (e.g. 10/14 Credentials), and you can view each clinician's request for more details Tap on each clinician to see view their profile: Facility Rating – how they’ve been rated working at your facility only Notes – information left by someone else connected to your facility License Match to Screening List You'll see your selected Screening List. If a clinician has a credential, the check mark next to it will be blue. If they're missing the credential, it will be grayed out Note: If the clinician is missing a credential that you’d like them to upload if possible, tap Suggest Clinician Upload a Credential to contact the clinician Background Check(s) Experience (if provided) Contact Information Tap Reject if you want to pass on the clinician, or Schedule to confirm this clinician That’s it! You’ve now scheduled that clinician. They will be notified that they have been scheduled, and you’re all set! Next up, completing a Facility Shift Report.
  11. Now that you’re a master at posting single shifts, let’s walk through adding multiple shifts at once. Note: We’re going to skip a few steps here and make some assumptions, so if you’re not familiar with adding a single shift, review those steps in Lesson 4 first. If you want to add shifts with similar details, perhaps you need multiple shifts for the same time but on a different date, you can use the copy icon to duplicate shift details you have already added and change just the details that are different. Posting Multiple Shifts Create a Single Shift (Lesson 4) Tap Add New You now have two choices here: Fill in all new information Click the copy icon (two overlapping pieces of paper) to duplicate what you've already entered You can edit any specific details as needed Tap Add New Note: Repeat Step 3 for any additional shifts needed, up to 9 shifts When you've added all shifts that you need, tap the purple arrow in the bottom right corner Review that all of the information is correct. If it is, tap Post Using Bulk Upload Bulk uploading shifts is another option for posting multiple shifts at once. Note: Bulk uploading can get a little complicated. Posting a single or multiple shifts is definitely more straightforward. This feature can be a time saver if you have a lot of shifts that only vary with the license type, times, and date. The only caveat is that they will all have the same instructions and Shift Stickers (such as COVID or MedTech). Tap Menu in the top left Select Shifts Tap the blue + icon in the bottom right Tap the upload icon next to Upload Shifts In the box, provide shift details in this order and format License (RN/LPN/CNA/CG/QMAP) Date (11/27 or 11/27/22) and Time (6a-6p or 6:00-18:00) and Break (30min) Example: Tap the purple arrow in the bottom right Select the facility Select the Screening List Note: This will apply to all jobs created Provide Job Instructions and select Shift Stickers Note: These will apply to all jobs created Review that all of the information is correct. If it is, tap Confirm A final way of posting multiple shifts at once is uploading a csv or txt file. The txt file should be the same format as above, and with the csv format, please include all of the shift information on one line including a license type with each one: That's it! Now you're a master of uploading multiple shifts too. Up next, reviewing shift requests and confirming and Scheduling a Clinician. ⇐ Previous Guide Post a Single Shift Next Guide ⇒ Schedule a Clinician/Confirm Request
  12. You’ve set up your account and connected to your facility – now let’s get you scheduling shifts! There are several ways that you can post shifts. The easiest way is posting individual shifts one at a time. (To see how to post multiple shifts at once, see Lesson 5.) Posting a Single Shift Tap Menu in the top left Select Shifts Tap the blue "+" in the bottom right Tap the "+" next to Add Shifts Select the correct facility Fill out the Add Shift fields Date Time (in Military time format) Note: You can select Create new time or select from recently used shift times License Total number of shifts for identical shifts needed with the exact details, up to 9 shifts Instructions Clinicians are more likely to request shifts with detailed instructions because they feel more confident that they know what to expect. You can create, edit, and use Saved Instructions, which are accessible to anyone connected to your facility. Learn how to use Saved Instructions here. Shift Stickers, if applicable, such as if a clinician will be working with COVID patients or if they'll be handing out meds Screening List Note: Your Primary Screening List will be the default, but you can select an Alternate List by tapping on Screening and swiping left on mobile or drag-and-swipe on desktop When all the shift information is filled out, tap Add New Note: From this point, you can add another shift if needed, or proceed with posting the single shift Tap the purple arrow in the bottom right Review that all of the information is correct. If it is, tap Post Now your shift is posted and live on the marketplace! Clinicians will now be able to review and request this shift. Facilities always have final hiring decision with Nursa, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your notifications and review requests when they come in. And don’t wait too long to schedule a clinician! You may miss out if they're scheduled somewhere else first. Next up, Posting Multiple Shifts. Or skip to Schedule a Clinician.
  13. Now that you’re connected to your facility, let’s walk through Screening Lists. Your Screening Lists are set lists of credentials that you want to see in the clinicians that you hire. Every Screening List includes Essential Credentials. Nursa automatically includes these based on what’s most important in the healthcare industry, but you should add any others that your facility requires or would prefer to see in your clinicians. Note: If you don't edit your Primary Screening list, it will simply include the default Essential Credentials and state essentials. When you post shifts, you’ll choose which Screening List you want for that particular shift and will be able to see how clinicians who request the shift match your preferred credentials. Building Your Primary Screening List Tap Menu in the top left Tap Facilities to see all of the facilities you’re connected to Select the specific facility Scroll down to Screenings Tap the pencil icon on Primary Screening Note: You’ll see the Essential Credentials and Credentials In State – these cannot be edited or removed Under Other, you can choose from the categories then add desired credentials Tap the pencil or + icon Tap the purple + to add a credential or the purple x to remove it Tap the purple check mark to confirm selection Once all credentials are added, tap Confirm Your Primary Screening List is now set up! This will be your default list for all shifts that you post, but you can also create as many Alternate Lists as needed, say for a different shift or for a specific license. Creating Alternate Screening Lists Tap Menu in the top left Tap Facilities to see all of the facilities you’re connected to Select the specific facility Scroll down to Screenings Tap Add Alternate Screening Note: You’ll see the Essential Credentials and Credentials In State – these cannot be edited or removed Under Other, choose from the categories then add desired credentials Once all credentials are added, tap Confirm Name your Alternate Screening List and tap Save Your Alternate Screening List is now set up! To view or edit your lists, swipe left on mobile or click-and-drag left in the Screening section. To learn more about how these lists work in action, see Posting a Shift or Scheduling a Clinician. Next up, learn about Posting a Shift. ⇐ Previous Guide Connecting to Your Facility Next Guide ⇒ Posting a Single Shift
  14. Now that you’ve created your Nursa account, let’s get you connected to your facility! Connecting to your facility will give you the ability to post shifts and manage existing requests while allowing you to contact clinicians directly through the app. The Nursa app allows multiple facility users to be connected to your building, including admins, DONs, and schedulers, so that everyone can stay connected on scheduling needs. Connecting to Your Facility First, you need to have a Nursa facility account. Review Lesson 1 if you haven’t already set up your account. If you already have a Nursa facility account, follow these steps: Tap Menu in the top left corner Select Facilities Tap the purple + icon in the bottom right Scroll or search to find your facility and select it Note: Contact Support if you can not find your Facility When prompted, "Are you sure you want to connect to this facility?" click “Yes” This sends an email request to others who are connected to that facility to confirm the connection. Wait for connection to be confirmed If you are the first or only user connected to your facility, a Nursa representative will have to connect you. If you know of other Nursa users at your facility, one of them can connect you. Contact Nursa support if your verification is pending for an extended period. After you're connected, you can start managing shifts! Next up, setting up your facility Screening Lists. Video Tutorial ⇐ Previous Guide New Facility User Signup Next Guide ⇒ Facility Screening Lists
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