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Found 18 results

  1. What do you think about safe RN staffing ratios? Do you think the facilities follow your state's guidelines? Here's a great resource for checks and balances. Registered Nurse-to-Patient Ratios by State Guide [2024]
  2. Want to know what it is like to have a work-from-home nursing job? Shout out LPNs, and RNs, https://nursa.com/blog/remote-nursing-jobs-how-rns-and-lpns-find-work-from-home
  3. Hey graduates! Any cool gift ideas for a new nurse grad? Let's share some suggestions and make sure they feel appreciated for all their hard work. And drop us a comment if you are a new grad so we can celebrate! 👩‍🎓
  4. Would love to know what you all think are the best scrub brands these days. I have read Figs, Dickies, and Mandala are some of the best scrub options?
  5. Hi everyone! What do you guys do for side hustles as a nurse? Nursa has a great article on The 11 Best Side Hustles to Help Nurses Earn More Money. I would love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Hey everyone! 👟 What are your go-to shoes for long shifts? Share your favorite brands or models that offer the best comfort and support! Also any discounts you know about?
  7. Hi! I'm a new nurse - just graduated in April and still looking for employment. I'm gearing towards a night time position so I can start my LPN-RN bridge program next month. Any tips for a new nurse? Everything is appreciated!!!
  8. Hi everyone, I’ve added all my credentials that are required for some of the facilities; and I’ve reached out to the scheduling departments. Still unable to request a shift. Anyone else had/having this issue?
  9. Hello I have been having an issue with nursa app. It keeps loading, but wont allow me to login everytime I opened the app. It work just fine when you use a browser or desktop. Anyone also have the same issue too?
  10. Anyone else experience an error on the facility schedulers part & now compensation is being pretty much avoided 😭 What do I do ? HELP
  11. I’m a Louisiana resident and want to pick up in other states over the summer. I’m a little anxious about making a move and not sure which move to make first. I’d hate to pay for a full month of lodging and drive to another state, and then not be selected to work the shifts. Do facilities have bias when considering approving a shift? Has anyone had this same dilemma and have advice to navigate this? I am contracted with a local agency and I am having difficulties getting shifts. I just don’t want the same problem being away from home.
  12. Hey guys!!! My name is Ashley, I’m an LVN in Los Angeles. I’m new here to the community and fairly new to Nursa in general! 🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾 This is such an awesome platform to be able to connect with other hcp’s in different states, etc. 🩵 Love it!
  13. Happy Nurses Week Everyone!! Nursa is so excited to celebrate YOU. We celebrate the caring, dedicated nurses who wear many hats-advocates, healers, teachers, and more. Follow our socials everyday Monday May 6th through Sunday May 12th (Follow any of these channels: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok) for some spotlights on incredible nurses and fun daily giveaways!
  14. Hello Everyone, Ny name is Halle, and I am an LPN. I live in Queens, NY. Hope to make some friends across the country while interacting in this chat room. Good luck friends!!
  15. I am new to Nursa but am having hell getting selected for shifts. There is plenty of work at a facility near me bur I request 3 shifts in a row for about a month or more and am overlooked every time. So, I thought I would do the mock onboarding because maybe I was doing something wrong and I love to learn and you get paid!!! WHAT????? I requested the moch onboarding over a month ago and it's to.orrow but no one has emailed me and under schedule it just says I requested the shift.. i cannot seem to speak to a human who works for Nursa and emailed them with ho response. I'm frustrated because I really need the work but can't seem to talk to anyone about issues. So, now, I don't k own whether to just show up or delete my account. Anyone have any insight??? Thanks everyone. Let the pep talk or bashing begin
  16. Hi Ladies, I'm new to travel/per diem, so I will take any pointers you can give me! I have been in an LPN to RN bridge (Pueblo), but recently had to put school on hold to make some $$$$!! If you know of a program I can get back into (Denver area) let me know! ****On that note, I am super broke so if your facility is needing more LPN's don't be afraid to message me. TOODLES!
  17. Guest

    Stuff you MUST know

    Ive been working agency most of my 25 year career as a lpn and a cna prior to that. I have come to know there are a handful of MUST knows to be successful as visiting staff... 1. where is the bathroom 2. what are the codes for: A. Getting out the door B. Getting back in the door C. Dirty utility room D. Central supply 3. the address where you are (if calling 911, they always ask...even though Im sure they can trace the call) As a nurse, I will start my medpass in the narcotic book. I will flag all the scheduled pain pills and look over the prn...when was the last time they got one and when can they have it next. I always have my smile on as part if my uniform. A smile can do so much.
  18. Faith is a Las Vegas based LPN. Work exhausting work schedules during the pandemic, she has loved the freedom to pick and choose. The breathing room was especially important as she welcomed her new baby. In addition to working Nursa shifts, she started a side hustle of creating personalized badges for Nursa and other contract workers. Check her store out and her story here!! Thanks yall! -Krishna
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