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The goal of Nursa is to ensure a nursing professional at the bedside of every patient in need.

🤝 The goal of this community standards is to uphold a safe, professional, and productive space. PRN Nursing can be tough, so let's make it a little easier together. 

💜 Constructive Engagement

We all have our opinions, and we certainly don’t need to agree on everything. Make sure you’re adding to a conversation constructively and promoting a culture of grace and gratitude.

💜 No Promotions, spamming, or soliciting

Maintain an ad-free environment; Steer clear of promotions and spam. We also ask that support discussions belong in designated support channels.

💜 Prioritize Privacy

Protect your and others' identities; refrain from sharing identifying information and business information beyond the community.

💜 Support your perspective

If expressing an opinion, acknowledge it as such. For factual claims, referencing reliable sources is appreciated.

A few tips:

  • Search first. You may find your question has already been answered or discussed. This helps us all keep existing discussions thriving and new topics fresh.

  • Be organized. Try your best to post in the correct forum.

  • If a post doesn’t feel right, report it! We want everyone to feel safe to speak out.

  • Contribute. This community is better because you’re here. Speak up – because you have great things to say!

  • Something not working right? Got a great idea? Let us know by emailing us at community@nursa.com.


Thank you for helping us maintain an inviting community. Please note, we reserve the right to remove discussion threads and comments that violate our guidelines or have the intent to violate our guidelines. If we see repeated violations, we reserve the right to remove a member. 

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