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We’re so happy you’re here! This online community is a space for you to connect, recharge, and support one another. Nursing is hard. Let’s take a break together and share ways to make things a little easier, both for ourselves and for those we care for. But first, remember, this community is built for you, by you. Therefore, please keep the following guidelines top of mind when engaging with the community.

💜  Be thoughtful, not hurtful.

We all have our opinions, and we certainly don’t need to agree on everything. Just make sure you’re adding to a conversation constructively.

💜  Give shoutouts, not callouts.

A lot is going on in the world right now, especially for nurses. But turning on each other won’t help anyone. Let’s focus on grace and gratitude!

💜  Everyone is welcome.

Let’s repeat that – Everyone. Is. Welcome. We take safety and inclusion seriously. If someone breaks the community rules, we reserve the right to delete posts or ban members.

💜  This is an ad-free zone.

There are many places online to promote your side hustle or sell your stuff. This is not one of them.

💜  Protect privacy.

Keep yourself and others safe. Don’t post anything that could identify you, your patients, or anyone else.

💜  Back it up.

If it’s an opinion, say that it is. If it’s a fact, cite it with reputable sources.

A few things to note:

  • Search first. You may find your question has already been answered, or that the topic is already being discussed in the community. This helps us all keep existing discussions thriving and new topics fresh.

  • Be organized. Try your best to post in the correct forum.

  • If a post doesn’t feel right, report it! We want everyone to feel safe to speak out.

  • Contribute. This community is better because you’re here. Speak up – because you have great things to say!

  • Something not working right? Got a great idea? Let us know by emailing us at community@nursa.com.

Now, take a break with us – and enjoy your community!

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