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Found 9 results

  1. Introducing ShiftReady Your Facility’s Way To Empower Clinicians With Access To Your Essential Training Resources Meet your facility’s training requirements with confidence. ShiftReady is a free tool that enables facilities to share essential training materials with clinicians. Clinician progress and completion for your facility’s training are tracked and recorded within the platform to provide effortless record keeping for facility administrators Explore ShiftReady Why ShiftReady? ShiftReady is a FREE tool for facilities to share & track completion of essential training materials. Customizable: ShiftReady accepts all kinds of formats (mp4, PDF, pptx, SCORM, etc.) to help build facility-specific trainings and promote regulatory compliance. Reporting & Record Keeping: ShiftReady contains robust, user-friendly reporting tools to enable effortless record keeping. Mobile-Friendly: ShiftReady makes training convenient through its mobile-first design and the ability to start and restart trainings with ease. Kyte Learning: ShiftReady is owned & operated by instructional design expert, Kyte Learning. It was developed with Nursa to make online training more accessible for facilities and clinicians. How to Get Started with ShiftReady Share your facility’s training requirements and resources with your local Nursa representative. You can go HERE to find yours today Explore ShiftReady Find Shifts /* Style for dropdown */ .dropdown { display: block; border: 0px solid #ccc; /* Add border around the question */ padding: 20px; cursor: pointer; margin-bottom: 10px; /* Add margin for spacing */ box-shadow: 0 2px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.2); /* Add box shadow */ background-color: white; /* White background for the question */ } .answer { display: none; margin-top: 10px; /* Add margin for spacing */ padding: 20px; /* Add padding */ color: black; /* Text color */ } .dropdown.active + .answer { display: block; } .question-text { font-weight: bold; /* Make question text bold */ color: #5924b0; /* Text color for question */ font-size: 18px; /* Set question text size */ } .answer p { font-size: 18px; /* Set answer text size */ } Common Questions and Answers Q1: What is ShiftReady? ▼ A1: ShiftReady is a free, online content management platform that offers clinicians access to a library of training resources. Q2: Where do I find ShiftReady? ▼ A2: https://shiftready.kytelearning.com or in a facility’s custom credential within the Nursa app. Q3: Is there a fee to use ShiftReady? ▼ A3: Nope! It is free for clinicians and facilities. Q4: Can clinicians track progress and completion of trainings through ShiftReady? ▼ A4: Yes, progress and course completion are tracked within ShiftReady. Q5: How can ShiftReady help me qualify for work in specific facilities? ▼ A5: By completing the trainings recommended by facilities in their primary screening lists, you, as an independent contractor, can better demonstrate your qualifications and set your profile apart when requesting shifts at their facilities. Q6: How do I submit proof that I have completed training to a facility? ▼ A6: After completing a course, you should upload a screenshot or digital copy of the training’s certificate of completion to the corresponding credential on your Nursa profile. Once this step is taken, facilities on the Nursa app will be able to see and verify that you have completed that credential. Q7: Is there support available if I have questions or technical issues with ShiftReady? ▼ A7: Yes, ShiftReady support is available through the help button “bell” in the bottom left corner of the home screen. If the ShiftReady support team cannot help, you can always reach out to Nursa Support HERE. Q8: Are there any community or peer support features within ShiftReady? ▼ A8: Not currently, but Nursa Community is a great resource for peer support and is available to all Nursa users. Q9: Where can clinicians find all of their completed courses, courses in progress, and courses to complete? ▼ A9: Within the "My Learning" tab in ShiftReady.
  2. I have already worked 3 shifts for Nursa. Why is my background check not complete? It’s been weeks. help!
  3. Essential credentials + TB within the last 12 months seem to be popular! Are you seeing any others?
  4. What's new? Communication Preferences: You can now opt into email, text, and push notifications in the app. SOS alerts and Cancelation notifications are also located in communication preferences. This is a first step, more to come! Clinician Profile - Credentials: In order to clean up the clinician profile, and make it more intuitive to navigate credentials have been regrouped to be more organized and easier to navigate. Saved Filters Between Sessions: With this release, clinician shift filters now save even if the user ends the session by closing the app or logging out.
  5. Am I getting my shifts canceled because I'm unvaccinated? I haven't had covid and I test twice a week. This is unfair treatment and needs to be investigated.
  6. I'm in Colorado. I'm a CPR instructor for AHA.
  7. 1. Add credentials Different facilities require different credentials. The more credentials you upload to your profile, the more shifts you'll be considered for. Spend the next 5 minutes uploading a few more credentials to strengthen your profile. It'll be worth it. 2. Build relationships with those you work with A few things that Nursa clinicians have recommended to other Nursa clinicians are upon arriving at a facility: Ask lots of questions Understand the facility's protocols and expectations Help other staff members Be kind Go above and beyond 3. Request more shifts At some point, we've all fallen victim to “putting all our eggs in one basket.” When it comes to requesting Nursa shifts, you should have an egg (requested shift) in every basket you like (cool facility with the shift time you're looking for). A common question is, “What happens when I get approved for two shifts that overlap?” The easy answer is, “You won’t.” The app will keep that from happening. 4. Add a profile picture For facilities, hiring someone with a profile picture is easier than hiring a faceless, mystery clinician (think of buying on FB Marketplace vs Craigslist). Take a second to add a professional picture of yourself to your Nursa account!
  8. Now that you’re connected to your facility, let’s walk through Screening Lists. Your Screening Lists are set lists of credentials that you want to see in the clinicians that you hire. Every Screening List includes Essential Credentials. Nursa automatically includes these based on what’s most important in the healthcare industry, but you should add any others that your facility requires or would prefer to see in your clinicians. Note: If you don't edit your Primary Screening list, it will simply include the default Essential Credentials and state essentials. When you post shifts, you’ll choose which Screening List you want for that particular shift and will be able to see how clinicians who request the shift match your preferred credentials. Building Your Primary Screening List Tap Menu in the top left Tap Facilities to see all of the facilities you’re connected to Select the specific facility Scroll down to Screenings Tap the pencil icon on Primary Screening Note: You’ll see the Essential Credentials and Credentials In State – these cannot be edited or removed Under Other, you can choose from the categories then add desired credentials Tap the pencil or + icon Tap the purple + to add a credential or the purple x to remove it Tap the purple check mark to confirm selection Once all credentials are added, tap Confirm Your Primary Screening List is now set up! This will be your default list for all shifts that you post, but you can also create as many Alternate Lists as needed, say for a different shift or for a specific license. Creating Alternate Screening Lists Tap Menu in the top left Tap Facilities to see all of the facilities you’re connected to Select the specific facility Scroll down to Screenings Tap Add Alternate Screening Note: You’ll see the Essential Credentials and Credentials In State – these cannot be edited or removed Under Other, choose from the categories then add desired credentials Once all credentials are added, tap Confirm Name your Alternate Screening List and tap Save Your Alternate Screening List is now set up! To view or edit your lists, swipe left on mobile or click-and-drag left in the Screening section. To learn more about how these lists work in action, see Posting a Shift or Scheduling a Clinician. Next up, learn about Posting a Shift. ⇐ Previous Guide Connecting to Your Facility Next Guide ⇒ Posting a Single Shift
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