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Found 9 results

  1. Join Nursa's live virtual Q&A on Tuesday, April 23 (2 PM CDT) to learn about what orientation looks like to pick up hospital shifts! Register below and we will send you a link to the Q&A. See you soon! Join us!
  2. until
    Come learn how to get scheduled for hospital orientation and shifts in Denver at our live virtual Q&A! 💜 JOIN ZOOM HERE
  3. Guest

    Nurses' week

    I was just coming in here to see if I could find anything acknowledging and Celebrating Nurses' Week. As far as I can tell, there hasnt been anything special...if this is true...I have been mistaken in the past...did i miss it??? not to toot our own horns...but we have been called heros...to have a week set aside and nothing has been awarded, not even a mention is downright sad!!! One of the facilities ordered a meal we chose and was delivered by the Administrator at 2am!!!! She went out of her way to let us know that we are appreciated...not just in words, but also a token of appreciation.....what gives??? I know we have to be making the company plenty of money that there should be a special fund/committee to make this happen. Just sayin' Happy Late Nurses' Week!!! Keep up the great work in a (most of the time) thankless field.
  4. Guest

    Indiana peeps!

    Hey everyone! Question: has anyone worked in hospitals in Indiana before? Or do you know someone who has?
  5. How do you navigate difficult conversations with hospital administration that may be difficult to work with, or struggle seeing nurses' perspectives?
  6. Has anyone ever participated in a hospital strike and open to sharing about their experience?
  7. Abigayl is one of our amazing hospital clinicians. She is kind, hard working, and happy! She might even whistle while she works...and I'm sure her love for Disney outweighs yours! 😉
  8. Favorite part about working in hospitals vs. other facilities??
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