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  1. Guest


    I worked Wednesday, so when do I get paid?
  2. Why am I only getting $75 dollars for a shift canceled by the facility? Historically the cancellation fee is always reimbursed to the contractor at a minimum of a four hour pay out. In what world would $75 compensate for someone losing an entire workday? You are not able to find something else because the app sees you as being booked already so therefore shifts for that day are few and far between if you could even see them at all. And once you have driven an hour to facility or whatever the situation may be it just does not make sense you have already planned for that facility why is $75 enough? Who made that decision? This is a scandalous and precarious situation and we work too hard for this type of treatment.
  3. I’ve been w Nursa over 2 years. I loved the competitive hourly pay I used to tell other nurses about it. Now, it’s disheartening to see that Nursa has now incorporated almost same hourly pay across the board for diff licensing. There are no more bonuses now and SOS texts don’t offer incentives like they use to. What happened? I may have to go back to a regular 8-12 hour nursing job. 😭
  4. I’m extremely frustrated… In the app it offers, once you work 3 shifts you qualify for instant pay. What they don’t mention is it’s not vastly available in most states. It’s gravely irritating and frustrating that it offers pay is done on Mon and Wed then takes 2-3 days for it to appear in your acct. What I have learned is, as the medical staffer, we are expected to show up promptly and complete the shift to the facility expectations. However, they can take there time to complete the shift report. I worked a shift, it’s now been a week ago and it just now has been processed but I still have to wait 3 days for it to hit my acct. When most of these shifts are anywhere from 60-240 miles from my home. My gas tank doesn’t allow me to say “I know your empty but we must go to work anyway.” It takes money! My daycare provider does not allow me to say “sorry, I still have not been paid, so you have to wait.” Why is it acceptable for the facilities to take there sweet time to confirm you did the job? Working with Nursa, your payday is too unpredictable. That shows great unprofessionalism. There are so many other agencies that provide same day pay, I try to a avoid Nursa staffing as I have to ensure income in a timely fashion. In addition, if they are going to expect folks to assist with facilities it would be great if they offered the standard federal mileage reimbursement or lodging for back to back shifts at same facility. Especially as they allow pay to be delayed. I try not to recommend Nursa to my colleagues as I don’t like to hear the same bothersome complaints of 1. Payout 2. Unpredictable acceptance of shifts 3. Distance to facility without compensation 4. Often not having oncoming nurse coverage making you responsible to stay 5. Lack of communication from facility, especially related to several admissions 6. Facility expectation of you being the scape goat for the heavy unpleasant work load while the perm staff coast through the shift 7. Overall dissatisfaction with unprofessional tactics allowed from facilities. Staff being held at higher expectations then that of the facilities. Penalizing staff for need to cancel but “oh well” when the facility does.
  5. Hello, what is the daily Nursa debit card spending limit? if I use a debit card for online purchases. Thankyou
  6. How are you feeling about the new twice-weekly pay feature? We recently went from once-weekly pay to twice-weekly pay, which is a step in the right direction to daily pay. Let us know and leave your comments on our Daily Pay Idea Discussion.
  7. What days do we get paid & how often
  8. Some housekeeping for payments during the holidays. If you have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to contact the support team! Weekly pay - Payments will get pushed fro Nursa as normal. Because of the holiday and banking delays you may have delayed funds. Nursa Direct (instant pay option) - Payments work 365 days of the year, holiday or not. This will apply for New Years as well. 🙂
  9. With our newest instant pay feature being live, what questions do you have about it and how it works? What feedback do you have on this feature?
  10. I'm trying to sign up for the pay card but it keeps telling me I need to add my birthday but I have no idea how to do that.
  11. how do I find my paystubs I look in my wallet and all it says is what I have been paid
  12. I worked on September 12th and 14th, was super happy to get those hours and that pay. Waited until Friday that week, no pay. Waited until the next Friday, same thing, no pay. Talked with payment support like five different times. The payment support specialist was super nice and always trying to get answers for me . But I'm getting frustrated now, I have bills and no money to pay them. I would love for them to get this figured out for the future so it doesn't happen to done one else. Please help me get my money I worked for it. Oh and Stripe is a joke, I mean I can't even see my account with stripe or make one and link Nursa to it so I know what the heck is happen with my money.
  13. Pay needs to be deposited all at once. There has to be a better way.
  14. Why is Nursa not separating "total earnings" into individual year? I would like to see what was my earnings in 2022 and what I have earned so far in 2023.
  15. I worked a shift recently and the facility canceled the shift 2 days after. Now the RCC is saying I didn’t work the shift, but the employees know I did. How do I get paid for working that shift?
  16. Why aren't there anybody in here talking about the banking situation!?!?? We need updates not just "you will get paid soon as possible and it's not our faults.its not us that can't pay" It certainly is you that aren't paying.i provided a service...they didn't provide a service...what is the back up plan?
  17. When I first started with Nursa I liked the fact that I could pick up shifts Sunday through Saturday and get paid that following Thursday. It made it easier to plan out my work, I knew how much I needed to make that week, how many hours I needed to pick, a long with how many days, all based on which bills are due and when. Now I don't know how many hours or days I need to pick up. What days will be deposited. How much to put into my bill account, savings and spending. Mainly HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE THE FACILITY TO APPROVE MY HOURS. Which is now based on when we get paid for that shift. I am a financially organized female and I can not be if the pay is ALL OVER THE PLACE.
  18. Can anyone tell me how to get a badge and also when payday is and why I cannot find info on jobs close to me without going through a long list of pages?
  19. Guest


    It would be nice to have Christmas bonuses...we give alot. It would be a nice gesture.
  20. I know we had gone to two days a week of being paid. Today when it said when I would get paid for a shift it said I wouldn't get paid till the 9th with the 7 days from now. Now I'm worried that it changed and I didn't know. I never got an email regarding the first change to twice a week so now I'm worried that I didn't get the email about it changing back.
  21. Jacque


    Anyone else having problems getting paid
  22. Hello Nursa! My app gives me certain shift notifications that are not up to date (like it notifies me most shifts that was already done from previous days) and the shifts that was supposed to be canceled and filled are still showing on the list that still available. Also, I would like to go back for getting paid every week (every Thurs) instead of getting paid 2x per week of pay. For me, I'm able to track better on how much I make and also preferred to get paid huge sum of money every week. Thank you, Rain
  23. Just curious if Nursa is working on a daily pay option? Nurseio, Intely and ShiftMed all offer daily pay this seems to be the only app that doesn’t. I’ve seen a lot requests and/or comments about this topic. Thank you.
  24. Hello! I'm just curious what happened to twice weekly pay, when will that start, or if it has already then why it isn’t showing up for me on the app.
  25. Does anyone know why the payroll deposits come in as EFT instead of ACH?
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