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      Sign Up with the Nursa App

      The Nursa platform empowers you to be your own boss by giving you the flexibility to work when and where you want. Let's get started! Create Account Download the Nursa App available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store Create an account and select "I am A Clinician" Please provide your legal first and last name that matches your healthcare license. Note: If you have a legal middle name that's included on your official certificate, when reviewing your details, please add it after your first name separated by a space: "First Middle" Enter referral code, if you have one Enter valid US phone number and verify using message code Note: You will receive a verification code sent to the number provided. If you don't receive the code within a few minutes, tap Resend Verification Code Accept Terms and sign up for texts and emails Personal Information Select your current address by typing your address into the search box. Tap on your correct address when you see it populate in the list Note: Please make sure you select a full address including zip code from the list Add your date of birth Professional Information Next you will be prompted to add your healthcare license and specialties. You can save this step for later or complete it at this point. Add Other License Add Credentials Add Additional Experience and Specialties      To add your healthcare license, please follow Step 2.  
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      Add Your Licensure

      When setting up your profile, don't forget to add your healthcare license, certification, or qualification. You can skip it for now, but remember to upload it before requesting shifts.    Once you've uploaded your license or certification, you can begin requesting shifts. These requests won’t be visible to the facility before your license is verified. Once verified, all pending requests will be processed. Keep an eye on your schedule for updates after making shift requests. Adding License or Certifications Immediately following your DOB, follow these steps: Select the state you are licensed in Choose your license type Enter and confirm your license/certification number Follow prompts as it can differ by license, certification or qualification type. Select Next Note for Utah CNAs: If you have a legal middle name that's included on your official certificate, when reviewing your details, please add it after your first name separated by a space: "First Middle"   Add Any Additional License to Profile Tap Profile in the Nursa App menu Tap the "+" Icon at the bottom right of the screen Select Health Care License  Choose the issuing state Choose your license type Enter all appropriate information for the state you are licensed in Enter the last four digits of your social security number for security verification (RN/LPN only) Review and Confirm   Related Articles Accepted License Types License Verification Process License Verification Troubleshooting Profile tips and Samples  
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      Adding Your Credentials

      Each facility has specific credential requirements or screening list, and will review your profile to determine if you are a good match for a requested shift. You can add as many additional credentials that you have and we recommend starting with Essential Credentials.   Note: We encourage you to contact your state directly with credential specific questions, as each state varies. Essential Credentials This is the basic screening list that most facilities add. Among Essential Credentials are: COVID-19 Vaccine Card, CPR/First Aid, and Government-issued ID. How to Add Essential Credentials Tap the Menu in the top left corner Select Profile Scroll down to Essential Credentials Tap the essential credential you wish to add Upload credential document (accepted file types PDF, WORD, JPG, PNG) How to Add Other Credentials Adding all your credentials to your profile here is advantageous. Facilities may have additional screening criteria, and having all your credentials listed will help match you with suitable shifts. Tap the Menu in the top left corner Select Profile Scroll down to Credentials Tap the essential credential you wish to add Upload credential document (accepted file types PDF, WORD, JPG, PNG) Related Articles Specialties and Experience COVID Vaccine Add Relevant Credentials with ShiftReady Proof Of Identity Profile tips and Samples  
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      Set Up Your Wallet

      Let's get you paid for all of your hard work! You'll need to add your banking information for direct deposit and complete a digital W9 tax form in the Wallet section of the app. Make sure to do this immediately to avoid delay in your payments.    Federal reporting limits require a colored photo of your government issued ID upon making more than $10,000 as an independent contractor. To avoid disruption or delay, please ensure a colored photo is in your Nursa profile: This must be a photo of your actual ID, not a copy or scan Make sure it’s the entire ID – do not cut off corners or any sides How to Set Up Your Wallet Tap the Menu in the top left corner Select Wallet Complete your electronic W9 form Select how you would like to receive your 1099* E-Delivery (preferred by most clinicians) – Download your 1099 immediately from the Nursa App when it's ready Mail Delivery – Up to two weeks for delivery to your address on file Select your payment method Traditional Bank – You provide your bank routing and account numbers. These payments are processed twice a week and can take two days to reach your bank account. Nursa Direct – A business bank account and debit card powered by Branch. This payment method offers the ability to have your shifts paid instantly (eligibility rules apply), and all other payments take 2 to 3 business days to post to your Nursa Direct account.   Learn more about Nursa Direct here, and you can get more information about when you’ll get paid here.   *Clinicians who use the Nursa app are 1099 independent contractors. This means taxes will not be taken out of your paychecks and you will receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year. Learn more here.    Related Articles Nursa Direct Payments When do I get paid? Taxes and 1099 Form Keeper Tax Resource Viewing Payout Activity/Paystubs  
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      Complete Your Background Check

      Every clinician will have a federal background check run. Some states may also require an additional state-level registry or other background check. Nursa pays for, requests, and uploads your background checks, but you'll have some steps to do too! Trigger Your Background Check To initiate the background check process, you must first upload your Government ID and complete your Wallet.  Then, request your first shift through the Nursa App. Once you request your first shift, Nursa will automatically trigger a two-part background check.  Note: We do not accept previously-run background checks. The federal background check is conducted by a third-party vendor. You will receive instructions via email to complete the necessary steps. After you submit your information to the third-party vendor, the federal background check typically takes 5-7 business days to complete. Keep an eye on your email for updates. Most are marked eligible, if marked ineligible, you will hear from our team    Because Nursa pays for background checks, we want to ensure that all clinicians using the Nursa app are committed to the shifts that they request. For this reason, we do not initiate the background-check process until you request your first shift.     IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. Requesting your first shift triggers the background process on our end.   2. Nursa pays for all background checks EXCEPT any finger print requirements   3. Please ensure that you have uploaded your Drivers License or State ID to the app as well as completed your Wallet before requesting your first shift. That information is necessary for the background check.   4. If Your background check returns as ineligible you will need to reach out to your state to resolve the issue Related Articles Does Nursa require a background check? Do I have to pay for my background check? Do I have to pay for my background check? Do I have to request a background check? How long do background checks take? Third Party/Commercial background checks State background checks  
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      Find & Request Shifts

      Shift requests can be approved in as little as ten seconds or it could take a few days, so please only request shifts you will be available to work. Be sure to check your schedule often to see if a request has been scheduled. Finding and Requesting Shifts Pro Tip: Ensure locations services are turned on in your phone's settings so that you are shown shifts in your area.   Tap the Menu Tap Shifts You can now scroll through shifts to find one that fits your schedule. Adjust the Filters in the upper right corner. When first looking for shifts utilizing less filters can help you to see more opportunities. Learn more in our article on How to Use Saved Filters You can also search for specific facilities by tapping the magnifying glass icon, selecting up to 5 facilities to see all of their shifts, and then filtering those results Note: The more filters you add, the fewer shifts you may see. Try only adding license type and location filters to start and then add more as you get a feel for the system Tap on any Shift Card to view more details like the date, time, license type, pay rate, and shift instructions Once you've found a shift that works with your credentials and schedule, tap the Request Shift button in the bottom right corner of the screen The facility will be alerted to review your shift request If you are selected to work the shift, you'll receive a notification and a message when you first log into the app   How do I know when I am scheduled for a shift? If you see some confetti and notification saying you have been scheduled, congratulations! You'll see that the Shift Status now says "Scheduled," and the Shift Card will now show up on your Schedule Page where you can review the Shift Details anytime.   You will also receive an email confirming with google directions to the facility location.   Related Articles Schedule and Calendar Page Using Filters Request button not available Best practices when first requesting  
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      Complete A Digital Shift Report

      Nursa does not follow the traditional time tracking practices, such as clocking in/out or physical timesheets. Instead, you will receive a notification at the end of your shift prompting you to complete a Shift Report. How to Complete a Nursa Shift Report Once the shift has ended, you will receive a Notification in the upper right corner of the Nursa App Note: If you did not receive a notification or missed it, you can access incomplete Shift Reports by tapping Schedule > tap Change view and select Completed - Shift Report Due > select the shift date > scroll down and select the Shift Card  Tap Verify Shift Report If worked, tapped Yes, I worked this Shift Note: If you DID NOT work this shift, you will still ned to complete the shift report by selecting "No, I Didn't Work this Shift" and following the prompted steps. You will only be paid for the time you are AT the facility working. Tap Submit Shift Report and follow prompts to rate your experience. Your Shift Report will then be sent to the facility to be verified within 2 business days.   Note: You will have 7 calendar days to submit shift report before it will time out.   Nursa offers twice weekly and instant pay (Nursa Direct) options. Learn more here   Related Articles Schedule and Calendar Page When do I get paid? Break Policy Removing a Shift Request or Canceling a Scheduled Shift Set up Your Wallet  
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