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      Adding Experience and Specialties

      The Nursa App allows you to add your Specialities Experience on your profile. Facilities will be able to see the information you provide when you request a shift, so we recommend adding all your Specialities and Experience to help you stand out and pick up more shifts!   With the Experience form, you are able to add multiple records for each Specialty Experience. With each you’ll provide the dates and location where you worked, and if you choose, you can also include your role, references, Letter of Recommendation, and Proof of Employment. Add Specialties & Experience Tap the menu in the top left corner Tap Profile Scroll to Experience and tap + or the pencil icon The Experience page displays all of the Specialities you've already added Tap + Add Specialties Scroll or search for a Specialty and tap + to select it Follow prompts to add details about your Experience Note, the dates and location are required, but other details are optional. However the more information you provide, the more insight a facility has into your experience and betters your chance of being scheduled for shifts Tap Done To add additional experience, continue the same process above. To exit, tap the left < in the upper left to return to Special Details How to View, Edit, or Delete Experience Records Tap Menu in the top left corner Tap Profile Scroll to Experience and tap the edit icon on the specialty you wish to edit Select Edit icon to edit experience record Select Trash icon to delete experience record Related Articles Profile tips and Samples  
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      COVID-19 Vaccine

      Does Nursa Require the COVID-19 Vaccine?   Nursa defers to CDC guidelines for COVID-19 protocol and vaccines for healthcare workers. When reviewing a Nursa shift request, facilities will be able to see if you have provided proof of a COVID-19 vaccine.    While Nursa itself does not require that you have the Covid-19 vaccine, there are many states and facilities that do. Facilities will include this requirement in their Screening List, and it is your responsibility to thoroughly read shift details to ensure you are in compliance.    If you have received your COVID-19 vaccine, please add it into your Nursa profile for facilities to review.   If you do not have the vaccine in your profile and you try requesting a shift at a facility that does require it, your chances of being accepted for a shift are decreased.   Please see Status of Covid-19 Bonuses for more information.   Covid Vaccine Exemption   You may upload a vaccine exemption to your Nursa profile under "Other Credentials" (not under the "COVID - 19 Vaccine Card" Essential Credential). Facilities may or may not accept the exemption as per their own facility policies.    Nursa does not provide a vaccine exemption form in any state, rather we encourage you to contact your state health department for more information.   For more information on COVID-19 vaccines for healthcare professionals, you can review the Federal Register document “Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination.”  
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      Adding Resume to Profile

      The Nursa app allows you to add your resume to your profile in order to display some of your skills and experience to facilities.   View the video to learn how to upload your resume or read the step-by-step process below:   Tap Menu in the top left Tap Profile Tap the blue "+" in the bottom right to Add Credentials Scroll down to Resume or type the Resume into the search bar Tap on the purple arrow and select Add Document Upload your resume and click Confirm  
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      Adding General & Professional Liability Certificate of Insurance

      The Nursa app allows you to add your certificate of liability insurance to your profile to display to facilities. Reels (4).mp4 How to Add to Profile Tap Menu in the top left   Tap Profile Scroll to Credentials Section Tap the "+" in the top right corner of credentials section Search for Certificate of Insurance - General and Professional Liability Tap on the purple arrow and add document, issue date, and expiration date Upload document by clicking purple arrow and click Confirm  
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