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      State Background Checks

      Some states may have additional background checks. These are not the same as the third-party/commercial check, and a Nursa team member may reach out to you separately to complete a state background check. Please make sure you continually check your email and junk mail for notifications.     List of State Specific Background Checks Colorado - CAPS Utah - DACS Florida - AHCA Oklahoma - OKSCREEN New Mexico - New Mexico Background Check Wisconsin - WORCS **Note this may not be a comprehensive list, our market integrity team will reach out if an additional state check is needed.**   Nursa also pays for state background checks, but does not cover any fingerprinting requirements. The process for state background checks also takes 5-7 business days to complete.   Please note that if it has been less than 3 days since you requested your first shift to begin the background check, please give us a little more time before contacting support about it. We're on it!
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      Arizona Certified Caregiver Information

      Note: It may take 3-5 business days to verify your certificate.   At this time, Nursa only accepts verified Certified Caregivers (CCG) in the state of Arizona. CCG are verified through the state database, found here only after Aug. 2013 This is where Nursa Specialists go to verify all CCG certifications that are uploaded to our app.   In order to best align with state laws, Nursa will only accept CCG that are newer than Aug. 2013 and can be found through the state website linked above.   If you received your CCG prior to 2013, you are encouraged to contact the NCIA Board, check the list of accredited schools, re-certify to the current year, or take a refresher course.   You can visit their website, Arizona Board of Nursing Care, to learn more. What is the difference between a CNA/LNA and Caregiver (CG)? CCG are certified to work in residential settings and pass medications, while CNAs are geared to work in a facility setting and cannot administer medications.   A CNA or LNA license does not supersede a CCG, and in Arizona, a CNA/LNA must also have a bridge endorsement to work as a Certified Caregiver.    For more information, visit the Arizona Board of Nursing Care website. Can a CNA/LNA become a Caregiver (CG)? The short answer is yes! Many institutions offer bridge programs that enable clinicians to take shorter courses for medication training. After successful completion and testing, the clinician would then have an active CNA/LNA and CCG.   For more information, visit the Arizona Board of Nursing Care website.  
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      Colorado Adult Protective Services Credential - CAPS

      Colorado Adult Protective Services (CAPS) is required by many facilities in Colorado.   CAPS are ordered and uploaded by Nursa. We do not accept previously-ran background check results under any circumstance. Until your CAPS report has been returned to Nursa from the state of Colorado and uploaded to your profile, a facility may not schedule you for a shift that you request.   The CAPS background check process is automatically started after you request a shift in the Nursa app in the state of Colorado. After we begin the check, you will receive communication with next steps from our Market Integrity team.   Results take 5-7 business days once you’ve filled out your authorization forms correctly (meaning after you have completed the additional steps sent via email, as noted above). Then the results will be automatically uploaded into your profile.   Note: There WILL be additional steps that you have to complete. Please check your junk email if you haven’t seen an email from us.   The following is needed in order to run CAPS:  DOB Last 4 of SSN Email Address Phone Number Home Address At least five-year residential history, regardless of state or country Date MUST be in Day/Month/Year format.   In filling out your residential history, please note the following and see sample below: You must include at least five years – even four years, eleven months, and 27 days will not be accepted The date format is DD/MM/YY, so 04/07/22 would be July 4th, 2022 You may enter overseas dates and even dates when you didn't have a permanent resident – just provide the city, state, and dates    
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      Center Management Orientation Training (NJ, NY, PA and CT Only)

      If you live in the state of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut you may see shifts that have a particular credential as part of a shift’s Screening List: Center Management Orientation Training.    This credential is specific to Center Management Group facilities, which require an online orientation to be completed before completing shifts at any of their facilities.   When reviewing the Shift Details and Screening List, if you see this orientation requirement, follow these instructions.     From the Shifts Details Page: Tap on the Center Management Orientation Training (NJ/PA/NY/CT) Credential Tap the purple arrow to continue Note: Please disregard the text on this screen for Center Management Orientation Training and instead use the instructions in this article for the clearest direction. Open the 'Center Management Orientation Training (NJ/PA/NY/CT)' pdf and tap on the link in Step 2 or click here. This will take you directly to the training in the ShiftReady. Sign into ShiftReady using your Nursa login info Complete the training Click on the red 'Start Course' button and complete the training Once you reach the last page of the training, click the red 'Sign Document' button. type your name and it will send you a signed certificate to your email address. Open and Download or take a screenshot of your certificate. Upload the pdf or screenshot to the Center Management Orientation and Training (NJ/PA/NY/CT) Nursa credential in one of two ways: From the original shift details From your Nursa Profile Go to your Nursa Profile in the app Tap the blue "+" add credentials button Next to other, tap the magnifying glass Search for Center Management Orientation Training (NJ/PA/NY/CT) and select Upload the file Select the proper file, select open, the purple arrow, then click save   Reminder this credential is only relevant for clinicians in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut. If you do not live in one of these states, you may not see this credential option in your Nursa Profile.    Related Articles ShiftReady  
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      Do I need an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card?

      Yes. Arizona requires a fingerprint clearance card to work within the state. In Arizona, the fingerprint clearance card is just as essential as your license.   It is your responsibility to apply, pay for, and ultimately obtain a fingerprint clearance card. Facilities may check the status of your fingerprint clearance card through the Department of Public Safety website at any time.   Please refer to this state website for any and all FAQs regarding this process including how to apply and any additional information required by the state of Arizona.   Related Articles Add Credentials to your profile  
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