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  • You know you're a nurse when...

    There are very specific times when you look at yourself and think... I have become a nurse. Nursing is a way of life. The hours and hours of studying and long shifts really get to you, don't they?


    1: There is a time and a place

    2: First dates, amirite?

    3: Always check the pants

    4: This finger is well traveled

    5: Trauma nurses be like...

    6: Gotta get my nutrients too!

    7: Who needs a doctor when you are married to a nurse?

    8: Latex gloves everywhere!

    9: Forever washing my hands

    10: #PatientAppreciation

    11: I call it being resourceful

    12: I have acquired many skills

    13: Gotta intake that fluid

    14: Pockets

    What have you done that makes you laugh to yourself saying, "you know you're a nurse when.."?



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