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Found 1 result

  1. Nursa

    Frozen Accounts

    Quality patient care requires clinicians to be dependable, responsible, and communicative, and for this reason Nursa enforces a strict cancelation policy. If a Clinician Cancels the Shift We understand unexpected things happen that can interfere with you completing your shift, and we do our best to work with you through those difficult situations. For that reason, you will not be penalized for your first two cancelations in a rolling 30-day period. But if you have three (3) cancelations within a 30-day period, your account will be frozen for 14 days. This freeze is for 14 days from the minute you cancel the third shift. During this time you cannot request new shifts but are still expected to work all upcoming scheduled shifts. Note: If you are unable to work a scheduled shift for any reason, you are required to cancel the shift through the Nursa app, but we also recommend calling the facility and letting them know. Because this policy is a rolling 30-day period, cancelations will fall off of your account after 30 days. No-Call, No-Show We do not tolerate no-call, no-shows (NCNS). The first two times you NCNS to a shift, your account will be frozen for 14 days each time. If you NCNS to a shift three (3) times over the lifetime of the account, you will be permanently removed from the Nursa app and unable to request shifts going forward.
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