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    Q&A Webinar with Nursa


    Watch this Q&A webinar with clinicians and Nursa employees to learn about the basics of Nursa and the benefits of per diem shifts!



    👉 Panelists:

    Montana Hiltbrand (RN, Administrator, Nursa Clinical Specialist)

    Princess Palola (CNA, Nursa Support Specialist)

    Nakoma Ware (CNA, Med Tech, Nursa Clinical Specialist)

    Dillon Jenkins (Nursa Hospital Team, Head of Hospital Demand)

    Paola Juarez (Nursa Marketing Team, Community Specialist)


    👉 Moderator:

    Kate Olsen (CNA, Med Tech, Administrator, Nursa Customer Operations Manager)


    👉 What's in the Webinar:

    Time Topic
    0:00-3:05 Panelist introductions
    3:24 What is PRN nursing & why?
    4:21 How does Nursa’s PRN approach differ from an agency?
    5:30 How do I start using Nursa?
    6:54 What does pay/flexibility look like with Nursa?
    12:05 First impressions of Nursa
    14:10 Hospital shifts availability/credentialing
    16:23 Facilities/credentialing info by state
    18:12 How do I get chosen for shifts?
    20:22 What is the background check process?
    24:06 What if I need to cancel a shift?
    25:04 What if the facility cancels on me?
    28:06 Where do I go if I have questions about Nursa?


    👉 Where to find more information:
    Home Page: https://nursa.com/
    Download the App: https://app.nursa.com/jobs
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Nursaapp
    Nursa Support: (801) 695-9609


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