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Stuff you MUST know

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Ive been working agency most of my 25 year career as a lpn and a cna prior to that. I have come to know there are a handful of MUST knows to be successful as visiting staff...

1. where is the bathroom

2. what are the codes for:

    A. Getting out the door

    B. Getting back in the door

    C. Dirty utility room

    D. Central supply

3. the address where you are (if calling 911, they always ask...even though Im sure they can trace the call)


As a nurse, I will start my medpass in the narcotic book. I will flag all the scheduled pain pills and look over the prn...when was the last time they got one and when can they have it next. 

I always have my smile on as part if my uniform. A smile can do so much.

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I agree a smile and positive attitude goes along way! Also things to know as a CNA.

1) which residents need to be up for meals


3) Documenting log in, don't assume you don't have to do it because you don't have a log in. Go to the nurse and ask for one so you can chart throughout your shift. 


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