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Cxl shifts

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I feel if company’s cancel our shift’s they should be held a countable for half day pay it’s not easy to look for a shift to pickup after company’s do this if we are being held a countable when we cancel then so should they or Nursa should give us half day’s pay this need’s to stop start holding all companies a countable we’re loosing money when this happens 

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It does state in Nursas FAQ somewhere not sure exactly but I copied it to my notebook so that in case I’m cancelled.

This only pertains to a facility cancellation after you have already arrived n confirmed arrival … 

If the clinician arrives for a shift and it still shows as "Scheduled" in the Nursa App, but the facility chooses to send them home upon arrival, the clinician will be compensated for 50% of the shift. 
so there ya go. Hope it helps!

also, I know with other apps if you or facility cancel less than 2 hours $50 is charged to who ever cancelled with short notice



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