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Hello, I live in Las Vegas, NV and normally there are only shifts listed on here for one facility for RN. From the listings it would appear they are in dire need just about every day for night or day nurse. However, I have selected that I can work a shift probably 10 times or more and I have NEVER gotten any response back from them. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been an RN now for 8 yrs and my total nurse experience has been 10 yrs. I have just been curious as to how a facility always has this "need" and yet they never contact you to pick up a shift. 

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Guest Kimberly Griffin4804500565

That is very frustrating. It may be helpful to use the message icon within the shift post. This is a good way to find out from the staffer there what exactly is going on. They may be able to give some pointers as to when and how to begin to pick up shifts at their facility. 

Also, I have found that adding to your list of specialities help to. Maybe you haven't clicked on enough of them for the app to suggest shifts. 

I think it is possible to pick up some lpn shifts...it will be for a lower rate...but if you already aren't working then it's actually a higher rate...much better than zero dollars and zero cents.

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