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Facilities with COVID



So I had a shift recently at a facility that had about 5 COVID residents.  Myself and another girl also from NURSA were assigned to those rooms.  Not a big deal I’ve been caring for COVID patients/residents since it started.   One of those residents had pressed their call light.  So I asked the girl if she could come help me.  She said yes and we proceeded to get all the PPE on.  She however did not put the n95 or face shield on.  We entered the room the resident stated that she wants everybody to be wearing the n95 and face shield.   Which shouldn’t be an issue.  This girl began stating well it’s fine than almost started to argue with the resident stating well I think it’s should be my choice.  Me being anti conflict tried to offer going out to get her the necessary items.  A which point she said well I will just leave than and proceeded to rip of the gown and leave meanwhile the resident began crying out of frustration.  Now isn’t it protocol we follow what the facility rules are for a COVID outbreak?   This has really been bothering me that someone could act like that and be a CNA caring for residents.  

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Hi @Kellyrobyn, Thanks for sharing this story! PPE is used for everyone's safety! What an uncomfortable situation this CNA put you in. You handled the situation appropriately, and I wouldn't have responded differently. I agree that all clinicians should follow the hospital's protocol, especially regarding isolation precautions and PPE. It sounds like you are a great CNA with compassion for your clients. That is a great quality to have! 

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