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      Communication Preferences

      Stay in the loop with Nursa by choosing which notifications matter to you. Customize your preferences for optional notifications like new shifts, news, and special offers.   Important Note: You cannot opt out of transactional messages, like details about your scheduled shifts, password resets, etc.  Adjusting Your Communication Preferences 1. Open the Menu in the top left 2. Select Settings 3. Tap Communication Preferences 4. Here you can control Email, SMS/text, Push (only on mobile) or SOS alerts.  5. Push notifications are only available on the mobile app, but you must also allow push notifications by going to your phones Settings > Nursa App > Allow Notifications   To manage, the purple check mark means you are opted in and the empty circle means you are opted out. Unsubscribe All stops all notifications except transactional notifications.   
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      Reset App Password

      Follow these steps to reset your Nursa account password: Tap Menu in the upper left corner Tap Logout and Ok From the login screen, tap Forgot Password Enter the email you use for Nursa and tap Send Now Check your email for the Password Reset email and tap Reset Your Password Enter and confirm your new password and tap Reset Password Close the Nursa App completely Log in with your new password   Troubleshoot: If you do not receive the password reset email or have any other issue, please contact support directly at +1 833-543-5441 or support@nursa.com for further assistance.  
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      Updating Account Details

      Please make sure you have the most updated version of the Nursa App before adding or changing your information. Check the Android Play Store or Apple App Store for updates. To Update Your Profile Photo: Tap Menu in the upper left Tap Profile Tap the Pencil Icon in the upper right Tap the Pencil Icon on your profile picture in the upper left Take a new photo or select a saved photo If taking a new photo, tap Take a Photo If choosing a saved photo, tap Photo Library and tap Choose in the bottom right Tap Confirm to save changes To Update Your Name: Tap Menu in the upper left Tap Profile Tap the Pencil Icon in the upper right Edit/change your first and last name Tap Confirm to save changes To Update Your Email Address: Tap Menu in the upper left Tap Profile Tap the Pencil Icon in the upper right Edit/change your email address Tap Confirm to save changes   Note: This will be the NEW email you will use to access your Nursa account. To Update Your Address: Tap Menu in the upper left Tap Profile Scroll down to Personal Info and tap the Pencil Icon by your address Begin typing your address into the Search field When you see your address from the list, tap on it Note: Make sure you choose a full address from the list, including zip code Tap Save to save changes To Update Your Phone Number, please contact Support. Troubleshooting: If you experience any problems while trying to update your email address, please contact support at +1 833-543-5441 or support@nursa.com for further assistance.  
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      Previ Partnership

      What is Previ?  Previ offers an exclusive membership with superior prices on premium cell phone plans. They offer priority unlimited data, voice, and text message on enterprise plans on either T-Mobile or AT&T.    What does the partnership entail?  Any Nursa user can sign-up for one of Previ’s phone plans.  T-Mobile is $20/month/line AT&T is $25/month/line 1st month is FREE $99 yearly membership fee Clinicians who qualify can get this fee waived How do I qualify? Complete a shift between April 1 and June 30th In good standing with Nursa (No NCNS and less than 3 cancellations in that period) How do I sign-up?  Sign up through Previ here: https://previ.com/access/nurhdkt   But must sign up during promotional period (April 1 - June 30)   /* Style for dropdown */ .dropdown { display: block; border: 0px solid #ccc; /* Add border around the question */ padding: 20px; cursor: pointer; margin-bottom: 10px; /* Add margin for spacing */ box-shadow: 0 2px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.2); /* Add box shadow */ background-color: white; /* White background for the question */ } .answer { display: none; margin-top: 10px; /* Add margin for spacing */ padding: 20px; /* Add padding */ color: black; /* Text color */ } .dropdown.active + .answer { display: block; } .question-text { font-weight: bold; /* Make question text bold */ color: #5924b0; /* Text color for question */ font-size: 18px; /* Set question text size */ } .answer p { font-size: 18px; /* Set answer text size */ } Common Questions and Answers Q1: What if I did not receive the email to sign up for Previ? ▼ A1: Contact support, and they can confirm your qualifications. Q2: I didn't originally qualify, but now I qualify. Can I still get the fee waived? ▼ A2: Yes! Contact support to get you added to the promotion. Q3: Can friends and family sign up for Previ? ▼ A3: Yes, users can add additional lines to their plan all at the same rates listed above. The $99 membership applies to the account, not for each line, making it a better deal when adding more lines. Q4: Does it matter what carrier a user is coming from? ▼ A4: It does not matter what carrier a user is coming from. Previ will help them move over, even if they already use T-Mobile or AT&T. Q5: Do you have plans for other cell-enabled devices like watches and tablets? ▼ A5: Yes, you can see the estimates for adding those lines to your account as you fill out your information via the landing page. Q6: What if I'm currently financing a device? ▼ A6: Previ can handle that as well, and you will continue your device payments through Previ. Q7: What if I stop working shifts through the Nursa platform? ▼ A7: Once you sign up for Previ, you're in. There are no activity requirements on the Nursa platform for clinicians to maintain access to Previ. Q8: Will I be able to keep my same number? ▼ A8: Yes, you can keep your same number. Q9: How much will I save? ▼ A9: If you fill out your information via the landing page, you'll be able to see exactly what it is going to cost and compare it to what you are currently paying before committing. Most folks should see hundreds of dollars of savings per year, and some may even save more than $1000 per year. Q10: How is the service through Previ? ▼ A10: The lines through Previ are priority unlimited enterprise 5G lines. Users will have higher priority than even T-Mobile or AT&T's regular consumer customers. Q11: What is the catch? ▼ A11: There aren't really any catches, but there are a couple of things to be aware of: - Previ doesn’t offer device discounts, so when it is time to upgrade devices, users will have to pay the full-retail price. - Previ doesn’t offer perks like free Netflix/Disney+ subscriptions like some carriers do on their expensive plans. However, the savings for most people are substantial enough that they should still save money when using Previ and continuing to pay for some of those subscriptions.   If you want sign up or have additional questions, you can visit Previ Support.   Email: support@previ.com Call or Text: 801-437-0620
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      Automatic App Updates

      Nursa is constantly improving the app and releasing new updates. To keep up-to-date it is recommended to ensure auto-updates is enabled on your mobile device. This will ensure that the app will update without you manually having to update each time. This will also speed along the new updates for you.    Automatic App Updates for Iphone and Ipad Open Settings Tap App Store Under Automatic Downloads, turn on the toggle switches next to Apps and App Updates.   Automatic App Updates in Google Play Store Open Google Play Store on your Android device Tap Menu in the top left corner Select Settings Tap Auto-update apps Select one of the update options, then tap Done.   
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