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Accidental doubles

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If a facility has consecutive shifts in a day, I will usually request both. Now, I don’t mind working doubles when I want to, but I’ve noticed if I request both - meaning either/or and that being my intent - I usually get a double. Todays a great example of I’m pulling a double because I don’t want to cancel one to count toward my cancellations. I don’t really mind because this facility is fairly far from my house so it makes up the fuel used, but I was planning on visiting before or after work and now, not so much. 

What about giving the facilities the option to post them separately or to be combined as a double? Mark it on the shift before you open details, and  you could have a button to tap “Request double  shifts?” And when you tap it brings up the options on consecutive shifts so you can hit both - and they can choose either two separate people or the double to cover it - whichever is available. 

It’s also good for us. Rather than sift through to find the shift to correspond, it could do that automatically. Maybe make it a bit accident proof, like where it prompts you about the shift being a double before you request it. 

i like doubles, I’d literally love to have Baylor shift options on here too, especially if they offer an incentive. I like working 32 exhausting hours in 2 days and getting paid for 40. Best schedule ever. 


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