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  1. I am new to Nursa but am having hell getting selected for shifts. There is plenty of work at a facility near me bur I request 3 shifts in a row for about a month or more and am overlooked every time. So, I thought I would do the mock onboarding because maybe I was doing something wrong and I love to learn and you get paid!!! WHAT????? I requested the moch onboarding over a month ago and it's to.orrow but no one has emailed me and under schedule it just says I requested the shift.. i cannot seem to speak to a human who works for Nursa and emailed them with ho response. I'm frustrated because I really need the work but can't seem to talk to anyone about issues. So, now, I don't k own whether to just show up or delete my account. Anyone have any insight??? Thanks everyone. Let the pep talk or bashing begin
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