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  • Mental Health is Health

    Mental Health IS Health. It has definitely been coming to the forefront more and more. Don't be so busy taking care of others to not take care of yourself. Here are a few tips for being more conscious about what goes on up there. 🧠




    Tip 1: There is a high probability that you may have heard these tips before, but what is important that you start practicing them. Practice will increase your ability to direct your own thoughts and enable you to keep up your mental health.


    Tip 2: Be where your feet are. Be present. 

    1. Stay out of worries associated with the past and future
    2. Connect with others effectively and authentically
    3. Increase learning and productivity


    Tip 3: Don't be afraid to feel your emotions. Acknowledging all your emotions-even the uncomfortable ones-are a natural part of the human experience. By allowing yourself to sit and acknowledge the range of emotions you are feeling, you will become unstoppable in being able to make decisions and take charge of your mind.


    Tip 4:  Cultivate emotional agility. Check this list when you need a reset moment. 


    Tip 5: Practice staying in happiness. Reflect on the things in your life that have brought you a greater sense of joy, meaning, satisfaction, and well-being. How can you incorporate more of these things into your life?


    Tip 6: Increase your resilience!

    1. Rely on others
    2. Trust your own abilities
    3. Be kind to yourself
    4. Change your personal narrative
    5. Take an extra step, even a small one. 


    Tip 7: Reframe your thoughts.


    Tip 8: Walking through your thoughts and writing them down can help you get them out of your brain. Using the free versions of apps such as Thought Diary can be a great tool. 


    Tip 9: Get yourself a helpful mantra that can help ground you and deal with change and challenges.


    Tip 10: Get some sunshine, even crumbs.




    What are your mental health tips?



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