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Found 16 results

  1. I just think it’s unfair when you try to dispute your frozen account and no one reaches out to you one time I had covid and they froze my account I emailed them with my documentation they never un froze me to two days ago I was literally down the street from the facility my tire blew out they froze my account it’s sucks for us that are actually good workers the facility been texting me asking me to work more cause they know I work good I never miss for no reason but Nursa won’t reach back out to me
  2. Why do you not inform the Hard working Nurses that you will Freeze our Accounts if your system cancels us for a 24 hour shift. Then we have to cancel because it’s illegal to work for 24 hours?
  3. I'm trying to sign up for the pay card but it keeps telling me I need to add my birthday but I have no idea how to do that.
  4. I worked on September 12th and 14th, was super happy to get those hours and that pay. Waited until Friday that week, no pay. Waited until the next Friday, same thing, no pay. Talked with payment support like five different times. The payment support specialist was super nice and always trying to get answers for me . But I'm getting frustrated now, I have bills and no money to pay them. I would love for them to get this figured out for the future so it doesn't happen to done one else. Please help me get my money I worked for it. Oh and Stripe is a joke, I mean I can't even see my account with stripe or make one and link Nursa to it so I know what the heck is happen with my money.
  5. Read the below 📄 Nurse Community How-Tos 📄 to learn how to use the Nursa Community, ordered from simplest to complex. Important note: Your community account has the same login information, but is separate from your Nursa app account. If you are looking for information around shift specifics please open the Nursa App on your phone or go to app.nursa.com or contact our support team. How-to create your Nursa Community Account To have a Nursa Community account, you must have a Nursa App Login You can create your account by signing into community.nursa.com and following the prompts to create an account or login using your Nursa credentials Add a Display name Click “Create My Account” How-To Login to Your Nursa Community Account Login into Community account by going to Community.nursa.com Click “Community” Tab within the Nursa App Platform How-To Change Your Community Username Click here to message the Community Admin Click “Message” Provide the username you would like to change How-To Add or Change your Profile Pictures Click your profile icon in the top right Your profile will automatically be the first letters in your Display Name. To edit, click the purple image button Upload your desired profile photo making sure to follow community Code of Conduct How-To Search Search on Mobile Click the magnifying glass Begin your search by typing your key words / terms in search box You can scroll down for a more refined search result by content type, specific discussion forums, date specific and more. Search on Desktop Click “Search” in the top right Begin your search by typing your key words / terms in search box If you are looking in a specific area (Events, Clinician Articles, etc.), you can use the “Everywhere” Dropdown to specify Advanced Search Click the magnifying glass Below the search you can scroll down for a more refined search result by tags, author, content type, specific discussion forums, date specific, member search and more. How-To Attend an Event RSVP to Future Event Go to the Menu Icon in the top right corner or see “Events” at the top of the homepage Click “Events” Scroll down to see upcoming Events Select the event and click “Register Today!” Previous Events Go to Topics Drop down Select “Replays” Scroll through topics How-To React to a Post or Comment Navigate to post or comment you would like to react to Hover over or click the bottom right corner of the post or comment and choose a relevant reaction How-To Comment Navigate to the post you would like to comment on Scroll to bottom where you see “Reply to this Topic” Type response in comment box Click “Submit Reply” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Ask a New Question On the Homepage, select or on mobile. Select to create new “Topic” Under “Community” Select “General Questions” Click “Continue” Add your question in the first text entry box, make sure to use a “?” Add more context to your question in the second, larger text entry box Optionally select “Add Tags” to add relevant tags making your post more discoverable Enable “Follow Topic” to be alerted of responses to your question Click “Submit Question” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Start a Group Discussion On the Homepage, select or on mobile. Select to create new “Topic” Under “Groups” Select group you would like to create the discussion in (note: you must be a member of the group to ask a question) Click “Continue” Add your discussion title in the first text entry box Add the body of the content in the second, larger text entry box Optionally select “Add Tags” to add relevant tags making your post more discoverable Enable “Follow Topic” to be alerted of responses to your discussion Click “Submit Topic” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Upvote an Answer Navigate to post you which to upvote answers There will be an up arrow icon that you can click for the answer you feel is most helpful To remove vote, click on the arrow again How-To Add Media to Post When creating a post or a comment, on the bottom of the box you will be able to attach files or add other media like an existing attachment or image from an URL You can also add a youtube link and the video will pop up automatically If you see private or inappropriate media, please click the three dots on the top right corner and report the post How-To Update and Edit Your Posts Go to the post you would like to change. Hover over the three dots on the right top corner and click edit How-To Mention a User In the post or comment, type “@” and the first letter, (at the minimum) of the username of the user you would like to mention Select the username you would like in the corresponding dropdown list of usernames Once properly mentioned, it will turn blue to notify the mentioned user How-To Quote a User To quote the whole post Select on the bottom of the post or reply Then this notification will pop up You can select additional posts to quote Click “Quote 1 Post” (the number will match the number of quotes you clicked to quote) The quote will auto populate in the text box below. 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How-To Set up Notifications Navigate to your profile and click the icon Select “Notification Settings” You can go through different notification settings and check if you you want to receive notifications through email and or the notification list in the community Settings will automatically save when selected or deselected How-To Follow (subscribe) Specific Content See above how to follow content by a specific author To follow content anywhere, you can locate the icon Select how you would like to receive notifications on followed content To unfollow, simply click the follow icon again and select “unfollow” You can adjust notifications by click on the icon and scrolling to “Followed Content” Up Next: Resource Overview 👉
  6. I'm working at the Allegiant facility in mesa today but their check in doesn't have a specific option for Nursa so I didn't check in they know I'm here so I'm guessing I just won't check in?
  7. I wanted to schedule a few shifts throughout July. Now I can't because my account is frozen. All I did was cancel the requested shifts. The other scheduled shifts weren't canceled. I am starting a new job in August and was hoping to work a few shifts beforehand. Is it possible that the freeze can be removed if we didn't cancel a scheduled shift? Has anyone had their account unfrozen before the 14 days? Thanks
  8. Usually I check my phone throughout the night to see if I am scheduled for a shift. This time I was not schedule, I slept, woke at 9am and found out I was scheduled 1 hr prior to shift start. And I was placed on a block acct after contacting the facility informing them that I did not get a notification and that i could be there in 30mins. Usually I don't belly ache about things, but this angered me. Due to the fact that there should be a time when it is allow to schedule prior to the beginning of a shift. Just like when facilities wants a 2 hr notice of cancelations. Why not return the courtesy? But by day 4 of this info my acct will be reviewed with nursa supervisors and hopefully be restored. This was my first time experience and I think it is silly. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. What is Getting Started Fridays? Every Friday we will highlight a Nursa feature and it will include a description, relevant support pages, videos, blogs, and related community content. The goal of this weekly series is to help users find resources related to the topic. Important note: for urgent questions please contact our Support Team. Getting Started Fridays | June 23, 2023 Background checks are a tool that Facilities use and look for when accepting shift requests. They are triggered with the first shift request. There is a national and depending on your area, there could be a state request triggered as well. Keep an eye out for an email regarding how to proceed. Outside or previously done background checks won't be accepted. Nursa covers the costs of these checks and will upload them to your profile. Support Articles:
  10. Why is my account frozen? I DID NOT cancel 3 shifts in one month, nor did I no call no show. Nursa keeps freezing my account because facility's accepts you 20 mins before the beginning of a shift which forces you to cancel the shift then turns around and freeze your account for absolutely no reason. Why aren't these disgusting establishment That constantly cancel the workers at the last minute being canceled also? It's obvious that only nurses and nursing assistance recieve unfair treatment from this app
  11. I worked for nursa until while catching a patient while falling I caught her but at the same time I injured my backck and foot! I filled a workman's comp which is my 1st one I've ever filled in my life!!! I was told by workman's comp nursa said they've never heard of me don't have my social security number and that I'd had never worked for them! It clearly states nursa has workman's comp! This is not my only problem I've had my account frozen with no wrong doing of my own! Because of a background check, for threatening wage and hourly division, & for wanting to get paid for shifts that I had c worked!! Don't waste urvtime wofking here! Their fraud and I'm now going to a lawyer to settle this cause I'm tired of nursa not giving a crap their crooked to me!¡!
  12. I keep getting an email from First Advantage saying that my background check cannot be finished until I submit a waiver form for my information to be disclosed. I have no idea how to get that form. I talked to First Advantage and they referred me to Nursa. Does anyone have any idea what I need to do? This is stressing me out **picture removed by admin for privacy**
  13. I know we had gone to two days a week of being paid. Today when it said when I would get paid for a shift it said I wouldn't get paid till the 9th with the 7 days from now. Now I'm worried that it changed and I didn't know. I never got an email regarding the first change to twice a week so now I'm worried that I didn't get the email about it changing back.
  14. Hey everyone! We just experienced an issue in the community where it changed your display name to the name you have in the Nursa App. But, this is now fixed so you can change your display name to whatever you would like!
  15. Hello! I just applied for an LLC as self employed nurse. How should updated my 1099 tax form and put new EIN Tax ID in Nursa App? Sincerely, Ghost
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