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Years in Healthcare

  1. Welcome to the new year. What new goals or current goals you are going to continue doing? Work or personal! Drop it below๐Ÿ‘‡ Me personally, I am working on getting 64 oz of water and spending 30 minutes a day with my 2 year old ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. It's beginning to look a lot like... December! Happy December to you all! As this month begins, we want to take a moment to say "hello" to all the new members that have joined us recently! (we tagged the newcomers this week below!) New and "old" members, please introduce yourself and answer this question: What is your favorite winter activity? Excited to meet you! @Andy @Cslamb @Sephora Abui @Serenity @Eboni Morgan @Amanda Omonubi @Kaia @Clzepeda94 @Krystal Luna @Theresa Lopez @Diane H. @Rachel Frye @Meaghan @Kelley Pacelli @Megan @Courtney Titone @Florence CHIMUANYA Adenaik @Ash @Tigi @Toshianna @Stacia Simmons @Latonia @Lena B Freeman @Ryan @Areonna Wilson @Shauna Lee @Stefanie B @Shameka Dixon @Rayvn W. @Crystal G @Syd @Gwen @Jalaya @Tye @Nurse Ronnie @Eunice Loitamon @Viky @Devanee M @Justin Pour @Ivanna Ruvera @Joy Plunkett @Laggie
  3. You no longer will need to search through ALL the shifts to find your favorite facilities. View all of the shifts at your favorite facilities then filter further for your wanted shifts. Learn more about the new feature here and let us know what questions you have below!
  4. Shout to Stacie! She's a superstar and has picked up several hospital shifts!
  5. Heyooo! We are revising the shift report and are looking for a few friendly clinicians that can test it live and give us feedback. We just ask that you be kind and patient as we are working out the kinks. Please comment by noon on Monday if you're interested! We want our clinicians happy and think your feedback is really valuable.
  6. We have some some local meet ups where lunch is on us in Denver and Salt Lake (coming soon). Where should we go next? We want to feed and meet you! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  7. Hey everyone! We just experienced an issue in the community where it changed your display name to the name you have in the Nursa App. But, this is now fixed so you can change your display name to whatever you would like!
  8. Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ the nursa sos notification is not working since 3 days for me is anyone has the same issue?i can't see any high pay shift
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