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Years in Healthcare

  1. Happy Nursing Assistants Week Everyone!! Nursa is so excited to celebrate YOU. We celebrate the caring, dedicated nurses who wear many hats-advocates, healers, teachers, and more. Follow our socials everyday Thursday June 13th - Wednesday June 19th (Follow any of these channels: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok) for some spotlights on incredible nurses and fun daily giveaways! Follow this topic for updates πŸ™‚ NA Week - Spotlights.mp4
  2. We’ve enhanced the Nursa app to improve your security and experience. To continue using Nursa, you must update your app to version 3.0.5 in the Google Play or App Store. If you have automatic updates enabled, no action is necessary. If you do not have automatic updates enabled, you may see a message requiring you to update next time you open the Nursa app. You can do this now by tapping below. Update the App > How to set up automatic updates:
  3. Hey there, and welcome! The Community is a place to connect with others, get answers to your questions, and find inspiration to keep up the amazing work you do each day. You're welcome to browse around as a guest or you can create an account so you can engage in our forums and clubs, earn badges and points which can be used for awesome swag, and more! A few things to check out while you're here: Review our community guidelines Explore more of the forums and jump into a conversation Check out and join some clubs or create your own Give ideas and feedback about the Nursa app Browse the library full of resources (that we will be adding to daily) to help you with career choices, taking care of yourself, and more! Check out our events to see what's happening in your area Visit the help center to find anything you need about using the Nursa app Feel free to reach out to me anytime if I can be of help with the Nursa Community! Can't wait to to meet you in the discussions! πŸ’œ Tiffany & the Nursa Community Team
  4. 🀝 The goal of our community standards is to uphold a safe, professional, and productive space. PRN Nursing can be tough, so let's make it a little easier together. πŸ’œ Constructive Engagement We all have our opinions, and we certainly don’t need to agree on everything. Make sure you’re adding to a conversation constructively and promoting a culture of grace and gratitude. πŸ’œ No Promotions, spamming, or soliciting Maintain an ad-free environment; Steer clear of promotions and spam. We also ask that support discussions belong in designated support channels. πŸ’œ Prioritize Privacy Protect your and others' identities; refrain from sharing identifying information and business information beyond the community. πŸ’œ Support your perspective If expressing an opinion, acknowledge it as such. For factual claims, referencing reliable sources is appreciated. A few tips: Search first. You may find your question has already been answered or discussed. This helps us all keep existing discussions thriving and new topics fresh. Be organized. Try your best to post in the correct forum. If a post doesn’t feel right, report it! We want everyone to feel safe to speak out. Contribute. This community is better because you’re here. Speak up – because you have great things to say! Something not working right? Got a great idea? Let us know by emailing us at community@nursa.com. Thank you for helping us maintain an inviting community. Please note, we reserve the right to remove discussion threads and comments that violate our guidelines or have the intent to violate our guidelines. If we see repeated violations, we reserve the right to remove a member. Up Next: Meet your Community Manager πŸ‘‰
  5. A big welcome from your Nursa Community Manager, Krishna! I wanted to formally introduce myself to the Nursa Community!ο»Ώ I am dedicated to serving you and enhancing your community experience. We’d love to get to know you as well in this short survey below! We love hearing details like your niche, what you’re looking forward to, goals, and other details that make you, you! Share your story! Community Admin FAQS What is a Community Manager (CM)? My role as a Community Manager is to foster a lively, respectful, and engaging community; thereby, enhancing your experience as a Nursa Community member! At times, we focus on a lot of the behind-the-scenes, working on new initiatives and content for the community, while other times we focus on engaging directly with our amazing community members. How do I contact the CM? For the quickest response, you can email me directly at community@nursa.com . You can also send a direct message right in the community! If there is an issue with the functionality of the Community; for example, if you are unable to comment on a post, edit your profile, or receive any error messages tag @Krishna Floisand. I have a time sensitive question If you ever have a time-sensitive support request, the community might not be the best place to ask it, and tagging a Community Manager will not help get a support-related response. To get in contact with our Support team, submit a ticket through our Help Center. Use the β€œReport” option underon any post that you believe is inappropriate or violates our Code of Conduct, and we will review it. Up Next: Navigate Community Like a Pro πŸ‘‰
  6. Meet @Robbie - This weeks Nursa Spotlight! πŸ’« Fun fact about Robin, one night she tried to rescue a stray St. Bernard who seemed to be injured due to its weird gait. It turned out to be a completely healthy bear. 😳 In addition to have survived a bear encounter, Robin has 23 years of extensive healthcare experience spanning MICU, PCU, Transplant, Burn, LTAC, and Med-Surg. her goal is always to sustain exceptional patient care while seeking roles with flexible hours. Beyond the workplace, this person values lasting relationships with family and friends. Robin, you are one cool person, WELCOME!! Each week we will introduce some new community members, join me in welcoming others and share your own story here! Share your story!
  7. Some housekeeping for payments during the holidays. If you have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to contact the support team! Weekly pay - Payments will get pushed fro Nursa as normal. Because of the holiday and banking delays you may have delayed funds. Nursa Direct (instant pay option) - Payments work 365 days of the year, holiday or not. This will apply for New Years as well. πŸ™‚
  8. GNA License has been added and more to come. While GNA's are only in Maryland there is a long list of others. Comment what other licenses you have that you would like on the Nursa Platform!
  9. We have touched down in Connecticut. Let's drop our states below and try to connect with someone from the same state!
  10. We want to invite you to participate in our user interview sessions as we strive to enhance our user experience! Your valuable feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our platform. Whether you're a long-time user or just joined recently, your perspective is incredibly important to us. What's Involved: We will conduct a 20 minute interview with our product team where you will be walked through an experience and you are able to give feedback. You will need to have access to a computer as you will be sent a link for an interactive activity to go through with the interviewer. interviews where you can share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns about our platform. You will also receive a $20 gift card following the interview. How to Participate: If you're interested in taking part, please fill out the form below. We'll reach out to you with further details and to schedule a suitable time for the interview. I'm interested! Thank you in advance for helping us make our platform even better. Your input is invaluable, and we can't wait to hear from you!
  11. In what ways can digital tech support nurses during their shifts and aid their emotional and physical recovery afterward? The caregiving and nursing comes naturally to most in the healthcare. Sometimes, the most frustrating thing can be the technology and systems used on a shift. How can digital tech be used as a tool? What gaps do you see? Drop your comment πŸ‘‡
  12. Make the most of your experience by diving into all our resources and conversations. Unsure where to start? Each space states its purpose at the top but we also have a full directory below! General Start here β†’ Gain foundational knowledge of what Nursa is and how it runs Get Support β†’ Browse user guides or reach out to our support team for help New to Nursa β†’ Join a group of new users to ask your questions and get oriented Events β†’ RSVP to upcoming events at Teachable and teachable:hq Feedback and Ideas β†’ Give feedback on your experience and share ideas Forums Community Insider β†’ Learn how to make the most of community, stay in the know of updates happening, polls and event replays. Replays β†’ Events shall be recorded to access at anytime Polls β†’ Designed to help learn more about you, participate and make your vote count Introduce yourself β†’ Make your first impression and post your intro Conversations β†’ Partake in threads to teach, learn, or inspire others First Shift Support β†’ Provide your feedback on your first shifts work and what went well and what could be improved πŸ’» Research Program (NEW) At times, Nursa’s product team hosts focus groups, interviews, or surveys to get feedback around a Nursa product. If you're hoping to be a product tester for a future project, join the Research Group to get insider access to new features. πŸ§™ Community Leaders Program (NEW) This program will represent the voices of Nursa users across the nation. Leaders across the world volunteer to bring users together in local groups to collaborate, share, and collectively grow with Nursa in many different ways. Stay Tuned πŸ‘€ Up Next: Community How-Tos πŸ‘‰
  13. I just signed up with Nursa and have requested plenty of shifts. My question is where will I see the notification that a shift has been accepted? There's a facility that was looking for people but I never got accepted and there post is still up requesting right now. So does that mean it was filled and I'm just not made aware?
  14. See the new facilities below and check out the shifts at app.nursa.com/jobs πŸ™‚ Ocean Shores Assisted Living (Ocean Shores) Tri-Cities Assisted Living (Pasco) Green Lake Senior Living (Renton) Main Residential (Spokane Valley) Liberty Place LAPLANTE Communities (Spokane) South Point Assisted Living (Everett) Amber Hills Assisted Living (Prosser) Let us know if you have any questions!
  15. What's new? Communication Preferences: You can now opt into email, text, and push notifications in the app. SOS alerts and Cancelation notifications are also located in communication preferences. This is a first step, more to come! Clinician Profile - Credentials: In order to clean up the clinician profile, and make it more intuitive to navigate credentials have been regrouped to be more organized and easier to navigate. Saved Filters Between Sessions: With this release, clinician shift filters now save even if the user ends the session by closing the app or logging out.
  16. See below for a list of facilities with open shifts in the next 5 days. Highland Care Center Legacy Village of Taylorsville Life Care Center of Bountiful Mckay-Dee Hospital Mt. Ogden Health and Rehab Neurorestorative - Country Life Care Center Provo Rehab and Nursing Rocky Mtn. Care of Clearfield Rocky Mtn. Care of Heber Rocky Mtn. Care of West Valley Sandstone Nephi South Ogden Post - Acute Filter by facility in the app!
  17. Hope you have a safe Fourth of July! Who is working shifts and who is off the clock??
  18. Hello and Good Morning to our Community! It has recently come to my attention that a few users are adding credentials and important identification docs here under their profile. PLEASE DO NOT ADD THEM IN THE COMMUNITY! This is for your safety as they will be public if you post them on your profile here. You will want to revert back to the app (or by going to app.nursa.com) to add your credentials not here in the community. This is a serious privacy risk and I don't want anyone to share private info publicly. If you see anything that is private info, please report it. I will moderate the best I can. Thank you all! Have a great week πŸ™‚
  19. We have a few shifts on June 28th that are available in Port Charlotte FL! LPN - https://app.nursa.com/jobs/detail/1150185963?from=shiftshare LPN - https://app.nursa.com/jobs/detail/3760184235?from=shiftshare CNA - https://app.nursa.com/jobs/detail/5104735410?from=shiftshare
  20. Come join our virtual Q&A to learn all things related to Denver hospital shifts happening now!
  21. Let us know the best day and time to join us live to meet other PRN professionals and ask questions πŸ™‚
  22. Have you ever thought about giving NOC's a try? Local facilities need your help filling nocturnal shifts. To help ensure patients near you get the care they need, Nursa will pay you up to 15% more when you fill a NOC shift through the Nursa app. The facts: Typical NOC shifts start at 6PM and run to 6AM Most patients and residents are in bed the majority of the shift, resulting in fewer call lights Time to complete your charting and give the facility a 5-star experience Free up your days and enhance your work-life balance Find a NOC shift near you! Nursa has partnered with Perk, a local Utah brand, to help caffeinate your NOC shift! Use this link to get 10% off your order of Perk Energy. This is an exclusive offer for our Utah clinicians!
  23. Don't forget we are having our live Q&A tomorrow at 12pm. Join us on zoom: https://nursa.zoom.us/j/86983051272?pwd=cXQ0TCtxcHhrZWpCV3YzT0UzZnJ3UT09!
  24. Like this post and we will send you a little something to celebrate πŸ˜‰
  25. In our "What do you want to see more of on the Nursa Community in 2023?" Poll you wanted to see more app features and new release knowledge. Let's dig more into it! Select what you are wanting to see and/or explain below what you'd like to see from our newest features?
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