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Years in Healthcare

  1. Happy Nursing Assistants Week Everyone!! Nursa is so excited to celebrate YOU. We celebrate the caring, dedicated nurses who wear many hats-advocates, healers, teachers, and more. Follow our socials everyday Thursday June 13th - Wednesday June 19th (Follow any of these channels: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok) for some spotlights on incredible nurses and fun daily giveaways! Follow this topic for updates 🙂 NA Week - Spotlights.mp4
  2. We’ve enhanced the Nursa app to improve your security and experience. To continue using Nursa, you must update your app to version 3.0.5 in the Google Play or App Store. If you have automatic updates enabled, no action is necessary. If you do not have automatic updates enabled, you may see a message requiring you to update next time you open the Nursa app. You can do this now by tapping below. Update the App > How to set up automatic updates:
  3. Hello I have been having an issue with nursa app. It keeps loading, but wont allow me to login everytime I opened the app. It work just fine when you use a browser or desktop. Anyone also have the same issue too?
  4. Hello is anyone else having issues with shifts saying your scheduled but your actually not? Also the shifts are all out of order on the app
  5. I am a CNA out of Oklahoma and I'm having the most difficult time picking up shifts. Once I requested the shift I send a message to the facility introducing myself and my interest and in response I get "sorry the shift you requested has been filled ". Does anyone have any tips on getting scheduled.
  6. Nursa is constantly improving the app and releasing new updates. To keep up-to-date it is recommended to ensure auto-updates is enabled on your mobile device. This will ensure that the app will update without you manually having to update each time. This will also speed along the new updates for you. Automatic App Updates for Iphone and Ipad Open Settings Tap App Store Under Automatic Downloads, turn on the toggle switches next to Apps and App Updates. Automatic App Updates in Google Play Store Open Google Play Store on your Android device Tap Menu in the top left corner Select Settings Tap Auto-update apps Select one of the update options, then tap Done.
  7. I’m extremely frustrated… In the app it offers, once you work 3 shifts you qualify for instant pay. What they don’t mention is it’s not vastly available in most states. It’s gravely irritating and frustrating that it offers pay is done on Mon and Wed then takes 2-3 days for it to appear in your acct. What I have learned is, as the medical staffer, we are expected to show up promptly and complete the shift to the facility expectations. However, they can take there time to complete the shift report. I worked a shift, it’s now been a week ago and it just now has been processed but I still have to wait 3 days for it to hit my acct. When most of these shifts are anywhere from 60-240 miles from my home. My gas tank doesn’t allow me to say “I know your empty but we must go to work anyway.” It takes money! My daycare provider does not allow me to say “sorry, I still have not been paid, so you have to wait.” Why is it acceptable for the facilities to take there sweet time to confirm you did the job? Working with Nursa, your payday is too unpredictable. That shows great unprofessionalism. There are so many other agencies that provide same day pay, I try to a avoid Nursa staffing as I have to ensure income in a timely fashion. In addition, if they are going to expect folks to assist with facilities it would be great if they offered the standard federal mileage reimbursement or lodging for back to back shifts at same facility. Especially as they allow pay to be delayed. I try not to recommend Nursa to my colleagues as I don’t like to hear the same bothersome complaints of 1. Payout 2. Unpredictable acceptance of shifts 3. Distance to facility without compensation 4. Often not having oncoming nurse coverage making you responsible to stay 5. Lack of communication from facility, especially related to several admissions 6. Facility expectation of you being the scape goat for the heavy unpleasant work load while the perm staff coast through the shift 7. Overall dissatisfaction with unprofessional tactics allowed from facilities. Staff being held at higher expectations then that of the facilities. Penalizing staff for need to cancel but “oh well” when the facility does.
  8. If I requested a shift does that mean I’m scheduled for it? I don’t want to not show up but haven’t gotten my background check approved yet .
  9. Finding Nursa clinicians who have worked at your facility and pulling a PBJ report has never been easier. With our new Clinician Directory, facility users can search clinicians by name and filter the clinician list by a specified date period. Tap Menu in the top left Select Data Select Clinicians Filter Clinicians using Facility drop-down, Date Range and Search bar A list of all clinicians matching criteria will populate To favorite a clinician, select the heart icon To un-favorite, select the icon again so it is no longer red What does Favoriting mean? When viewing requests you will see a red heart next to clinicians name. This is meant to streamline the scheduling of clinicians and a first stepping stone to more exciting features to come. Quick Filters To only see clinicians your have favorited, you can navigate to the Data tab again. Then select the box on the top that says "Favorites".
  10. We are looking at how to best optimize notifications within the app. Let us know if you get too much, just enough or not enough notifications. If not enough, first make sure you go to app.nursa.com and make sure you have transactional notifications enabled. Then let us know what you would like to see more of!
  11. I'm having a difficult time trying to pick up shifts and I just joined nursa
  12. Hi everyone. I'm new to Nursa as of this week. I've signed up for my first shift on the 30th and I'm excited! I have two questions: 1) Do we get/need Nursa badges? If so, I haven't received correspondence about getting one. 2) What is the process for gaining access to different charting systems and EMRs? Are we oriented to them before shift? How are we given access? Thanks everyone!
  13. until
    Join us at Nursa Headquarters in Murray, UT for a complimentary lunch and an interactive session to explore some of Nursa's new features. Let's connect, discuss, and make your Nursa experience even better—on us! Fill out this Typeform to let us know your availability in the upcoming week. Available dates: Thursday March 21 Friday March 22 Monday March 25
  14. What does it mean when the message says succeeded? Does that mean the facility read the message?
  15. One thing that this app is terrible for is the response time. I never know when I’ll get a response. Even when the job is posted within less than an hour of me offering to pick up. I’ve had to end up picking up with another agency that has better protocols for picking up shifts. They have people I can call and confirm with as well. On Nursa any messages I’ve sent never get responses back. So my suggestion is that Nursa provides on call numbers with people that actually pick up the phone so I can get a response back on whether a shift is available so or not.
  16. The app has been working fine but sometimes like today the jobs I’m seeking here in my state and area are not shown but what’s shown are jobs away from my state and area. Does anyone else have these issues?
  17. At the end of every shift, we get asked to rate and comments on the facility just worked at. Where do our rating and comments go? I would love to see what the facilities get rated from other Nursa workers. Just like support had told me, we get rated but we're unable to see our rating from facilities just yet.
  18. I am new to Nursa, quick question, How will I know if the shift I requested is approved or not?
  19. I don't like it when they canceled me last minute. I am losing hours/money. But I guess that's part of doing an agency;(. Does anybody face the same dilemma?
  20. Hello everyone. Wondered if any one here worked in the northern AZ (Navajo Reservation) as a CNA with Nursa. Would like some input~ Much appreciated.
  21. Lately this past week or so, every time I get on to look for shifts, there are only 3-6 shifts available for a 200+ mile radius? I live in a big city, but even outside of my city it doesn’t show anything. Is anyone else having this problem? Are the facilities just not posting shifts? It seems weird that there isn’t anything even 200 miles away.
  22. GNA License has been added and more to come. While GNA's are only in Maryland there is a long list of others. Comment what other licenses you have that you would like on the Nursa Platform!
  23. DeVante


    Most facilities do not have the time to deny every request they get sent in, so is there anyway we can remove the facilities ability to let the shift requester know that they're not going to be accepted for the shift without the facility need to do so? And is there any way that the facility can have to choose what kind of shift it is? (Ex. On-call, full shift etc.) There should be an automated system that will allow the first requester to be confirmed and all others after to be denied or even just have the shift removed once one person already requested or has been confirmed by the shift. And a time limited request would be great so that way these facilities can't just post a shift and forget to respond to it. This app could use more accountability and be even more interactive on the facilities side.
  24. What's going on in Arizona NURSA?? All am seeing lately are shifts in Tucson . What about the Phoenix area?
  25. Hi everyone, is this a norm here or is it just me? I’ve signed up for 4-5 jobs this weekend and I either hear absolutely nothing-no one responds or I get assigned to it and then they cancel on me. Is there any tricks to get a shift and actually work it? any help would be appreciated. I’m about to give up. thanks!
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