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  • Introducing ShiftReadyShift Ready v2.png

    Empowering Clinicians with Access to Essential Facility and Third-Party Resources

    Discover the ease of accessing required healthcare-centered third-party resources and facility-specific trainings, anytime, anywhere. ShiftReady offers an online resource library for clinicians to access and use at their leisure. It's your free gateway to better meeting facility requirements and becoming a more attractive candidate for healthcare work as an independent contractor.



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  • Why ShiftReady?

    image.pngFree Access: Utilize ShiftReady at no cost- focusing on your professional growth and marketability without financial barriers.




    image.pngSet Your Profile Apart: Take advantage of facility-specific training or third-party resources to better promote yourself and your Nursa profile. Showcase your appeal to facilities for a wider range of job opportunities all while improving your professional toolkit.


    image.pngFlexible Learning: Learn at your own pace and on your own timeline by taking mobile-friendly courses designed to fit the busy schedules of healthcare professionals.


  • Get Started with ShiftReady

    image (9).png

    Primary Screening List

    Clinicians will see that a facility has specific training requirements when a custom training credential is contained within the “Match to Primary Screening” List on the Shift Details screen for a shift at a particular facility.







    image (10).png

    Instructions Page

    Once clinicians click on the facility’s custom training credential within the Primary Screening List, they will be taken to an instructions page. They should click on the purple circle in the bottom, right-hand corner to continue.








    image (11).png

    Instructions PDF

    Clinicians will click on the first file icon which says “Instructions for [the Facility Training name]” to open up a PDF document with a direct link to the relevant course on ShiftReady and any additional instructions.







    image (12).png

    Sign Into ShiftReady

    Clinicians will click on the course link provided in the Instructions PDF and log into ShiftReady using their Nursa credentials (email and password).







    Group 4.png

    Complete the Training

    Once logged in, clinicians will be taken directly to the correct training course. Clinicians can stop and restart the training course at any time and their progress will be saved automatically.







    image (14).png

    Upload Certificate of Completion

    After completing a course, clinicians will receive a certificate of completion from ShiftReady. Clinicians should take a screenshot or download this document and upload it to their Nursa profile by returning to the relevant credential within the primary screening list of the desired shift.



  • Common Questions and Answers

    A1: ShiftReady is a free, online content management platform that offers clinicians access to a library of training resources.

    A2: https://shiftready.kytelearning.com or in a facility’s custom credential within the Nursa app.

    A3: Nope! It is free for clinicians and facilities.

    A4: Yes, progress and course completion are tracked within ShiftReady.

    A5: By completing the trainings recommended by facilities in their primary screening lists, you, as an independent contractor, can better demonstrate your qualifications and set your profile apart when requesting shifts at their facilities.

    A6: After completing a course, you should upload a screenshot or digital copy of the training’s certificate of completion to the corresponding credential on your Nursa profile. Once this step is taken, facilities on the Nursa app will be able to see and verify that you have completed that credential.

    A7: Yes, ShiftReady support is available through the help button “bell” in the bottom left corner of the home screen. If the ShiftReady support team cannot help, you can always reach out to Nursa Support HERE.

    A8: Not currently, but Nursa Community is a great resource for peer support and is available to all Nursa users.

    A9: Within the "My Learning" tab in ShiftReady.

  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All decisions about what training may be required by applicable law, or what training materials or content (“Training Content”) satisfies those requirements, are solely the responsibility of the health care facilities using ShiftReady. The Training Content available through ShiftReady is provided by third parties not affiliated with either ShiftReady's developer (Kyte Learning LLC) or Nursa, Inc. Accordingly, neither Kyte Learning LLC nor Nursa make any representations or warranties as to the quality, completeness or accuracy of the Training Content, or whether the Training Content meets any particular legal or regulatory requirement. The Training Content is provided “AS IS” and neither Kyte Learning LLC nor Nursa will have any liability or responsibility arising from use thereof. If you have any questions or concerns about the Training Content you should contact the health care facility which designated it as required or the third-party developer of the materials or content.

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