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  • Hey you! Welcome to the Nursa Community 👋 

  • The Community is a place to connect with others, get answers to your questions, and find inspiration to keep up the amazing work you do each day. Our mission is to enrich the life of every clinician with innovation and opportunity. What better way than through a virtual community uniting us across the nation?


    Getting Started in the Community

    Hello beautiful people! Although many of you are familiar with Nursa, we wanted to give some tips on how to navigate if you are new around here!


    If you are new, first of all, we want to welcome you to the Nursa Community! Your one-stop destination for sharing professional advice, inspiration, news, and recommendations with people just like you. We want you to feel comfortable here so here I am (Krishna, your Community Manager 💃 ) to outline some basic steps to get started.


    Step 1:

    First step, let’s work on your Profile! (located in the top right corner). Add a photo and tell us more about you!


    Step 2: 

    Introduce yourselves in our Getting Started Discussion!


    Step 3:

    Explore! Head to our explore tab to see what is available here for you. When you are ready, start contributing.


    This Community is a place for friendly discussion, questions, photo sharing, advice, recommendations, sharing experiences, and connecting with other healthcare professionals like your self - whether you're a pro or a newbie, or somewhere in between. 


    We are so excited you're here! If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask -- this community LOVES to help!


    💜 Krishna, your community manager

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