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  • Clinician App Updates

    1. August 2, 2022 | Experience Form

      Good news! You can now provide more information about your experience and your specialities with the new Experience Form!

      Instead of just adding your Specialities without any context, you can now provide the dates you worked in the Speciality and the location, as well as upload Proof of Employment and a Letter of Recommendation.

      Providing more detail is a great way to help facilities know more about your skills and experience, so you can be scheduled for even more shifts! 

      image.png        image.png

      Add to the Experience Form:

      1. Go to your Profile
      2. Scroll to Experience Form
      3. Tap the "+" to add new or pencil to edit
      4. Select the Specialities you have experience with (add as many as needed)
      5. Tap Purple Arrow in bottom right
      6. For each Speciality where you'd like to add more details, tap the smaller purple arrow next to it
      7. You can a start date, an end date (if applicable), Proof of Employment, and a Letter of Recommendation
      8. Tap the purple check mark when done
      9. Repeat for each specialty
      10. Tap the purple check mark when finished


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    2. July 21, 2022 | Direct Deposit Update

      Take your payment information into your own hands! You can now edit and update your direct deposit in the app.

      Just visit your Wallet in the menu, click the pencil next to your direct deposit account number, and update the information as needed. You’ll receive a verification code via text to confirm the change.

      image.png     image.png

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    3. July 7, 2022 | Personalized Shifts Page - New Shift Filters & Algorithm

      We’re Personalizing Your Shift Search Experience!

      We’re making searching for shifts even easier for you! Your Shift Feed is being updated, so you'll see jobs that will most interest you based on your request history. This is a change in our search algorithm to personalize the shifts you see first. So the more you request shifts, the more personalized your results will be.

      All of this saves you time searching for shifts by applying your preference. 

      In your menu, you’ll also see “Jobs” change to “Shifts.” It’ll be in the same place, but look for the brand new name!

      Since your Shift Feed will be personalized and prioritized, we’re also cleaning up your shift filters to optimize your experience in finding the shifts you like. You’ll see some filters have gone away, because they’ll not be integrated into the new algorithm. 

      Here’s what your updated Shift Filters look like:

      You’ll also notice that instead of one date, you can now search by a date range to help you better plan your schedule.

      Shift filter date range.png

      This update also ensures that you’ll never see NO shifts. If your filters don’t bring back any results, we’ll show you other jobs that you may be interested in in your area.

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    4. April 27, 2022 | Shift Stickers & Shift Sticker Filter

      A new way to see descriptions about a shift.

      Introducing Shift Stickers! In the past, information that describes what you may encounter on a shift was listed with Specialities, such as if you’d be working with COVID patience or if it’s a Float Shift. That information is now designated by a Shift Sticker.

      Shift Stickers display on job cards next to Specialities, so even though they look a little different, you’ll see them in the same place as before.

      Shift Sticker Job Card.png

      With these new Shift Stickers, there’s also a new Shift Sticker filter, so you can find shifts based on descriptions about the shift rather than a facility speciality or credential. 

      Shift Sticker Filter.png

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    5. May 18, 2022 | Updated Job Details View

      Easily see how you align to desired credentials for a shift.

      When you view a shift that you’re interested in, you’ll see clearly laid out how your credentials align with the credentials the facility is looking for – blue check means you’ve uploaded the credentials, grayed out means it’s missing.

      If you’re missing any that you can provide, you can add them right from that screen by clicking on the “+” by the credential. 

      Request view - clinicians.png

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    6. May 18, 2022 | New Essential Credentials

      Upload the most important credentials that facilities are looking for in clinicians they hire.

      On your profile, you’ll see a new section called Essential Credentials. These are the credentials that facilities are looking for, so making sure that you have these on your profile will help you stand out and increase your chances of being selected for a shift.

      You’ll also see State Essentials to help confirm that you have provided all proof that you can work in your state. If you work in multiple states, just tap the “+” then “I also work in another state,” so you can ensure you have everything you need for every state where you fill shifts.


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