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  • April 27, 2022 | Shift Stickers & Shift Sticker Filter

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    A new way to see descriptions about a shift.


    Introducing Shift Stickers! In the past, information that describes what you may encounter on a shift was listed with Specialities, such as if you’d be working with COVID patience or if it’s a Float Shift. That information is now designated by a Shift Sticker.


    Shift Stickers display on job cards next to Specialities, so even though they look a little different, you’ll see them in the same place as before.

    Shift Sticker Job Card.png

    With these new Shift Stickers, there’s also a new Shift Sticker filter, so you can find shifts based on descriptions about the shift rather than a facility speciality or credential. 

    Shift Sticker Filter.png



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