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Jessica Patterson


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Hi @Jessica Patterson! What Catherine shared above is super useful.


Here are some top tips: 

1. Upload all credentials (especially essential credentials)

2. Request more shifts - if you are requesting, great! I would advise you to request a few for the time you want, you won't be double booked on the app. 

3. Create relationship with facility - some facilities like to keep using people they are familiar with. By calling and talking to facilities directly about how you are wanting to work at their facility, they can potentially give you a chance to show what you can do. 

4. Refer other facilities in your area so we can help provide more shifts - You can use this form (https://nursa.com/support-leads/) if you have any contacts at facilities that could use help. If you don't have a specific contact you can just enter in the facility in the company line and any other details leaving the first and last name blank. 

5. If you still have questions on starting out you can schedule a quick call with our onboarding coaches to get started here: https://calendly.com/gtm-3/onboarding-call


I'll also send you a private message to make sure we address your specific issue 🙂 

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